Daily Yinz – Glam Hand – Dylan

Pittsburgh janglers Glam Hand are back with a new EP called Glum Hum, the title of which is a synonym for the phrase "downcast music," which is kind of what Glam Hand makes. Calling Glam Hand a downer band would be reductive, though; the group shades its gentle slack-rockers with chaotic bursts of psychedelia and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Glam Hand – Dylan

Daily Discovery 01.30.20

Gkleft Ryda - Phedamine Los Angeles's Gkleft Ryda channels the spirit of the late. great Nate Dogg on "Phedamine," a track from his new album, I'm Not Like Them. Like the legendary G-funk crooner himself, Gkleft instills his bars with bendy, wavy snatches of melody, transitioning from Don Juan-esque come-ons and weed boasts to descriptions … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.30.20

Daily Yinz – Chalk Dinosaur – Song of an Eastern Wind

With Song of an Eastern Wind, the always eclectic Chalk Dinosaur takes a step away from the electro-funk of last October's Sunset to focus on lyric-driven indie pop. There are even acoustic guitars! The album's titular track is described by Chalk Dinosaur mastermind John O'Hallaron as a "cross generational collaboration between me and my parents." … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Chalk Dinosaur – Song of an Eastern Wind

Daily Yinz – Sober Clones – Wait Till You Know

Sober Clones is a bedroomy psych-pop act that has exactly two songs available on the internet, as far as I can tell. One of those songs is "Wait Till You Know," the first single off Sober Clones's self-titled album, due out mid-February. The track is only 71 seconds long, and rushes by in a sugary … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sober Clones – Wait Till You Know

Daily Yinz – Shorty Shayla – Ozzy

Shorty Shayla is a Pittsburgh rapper whose quirky, whimsical persona is sharpened by some serious rhyming ability. Shayla's newest single, "Ozzy," trades the mischievous, just-rolled-out-of-bed musings of previous tracks like "Chosen $" for icy bars and stinging put-downs. All trace of melody has been stripped from the track's instrumental, leaving nothing but a minimalist canvas … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Shorty Shayla – Ozzy

Daily Discovery 01.25.20

Oribu - Ibis Out on London's College Music Records is Overcome by Rome's Oribu. On the album is "Ibis," a mellower-than-mellow collection of chattering percussion, wordless vocal samples, and glassy melodic swatches. It's like Ratatat took a bunch of anti-anxiety meds and floated in a pool for a few hours. Bottomfed - Hunter "Hunter," off … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.25.20