Daily Yinz – Glam Hand – Dylan

Pittsburgh janglers Glam Hand are back with a new EP called Glum Hum, the title of which is a synonym for the phrase "downcast music," which is kind of what Glam Hand makes. Calling Glam Hand a downer band would be reductive, though; the group shades its gentle slack-rockers with chaotic bursts of psychedelia and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Glam Hand – Dylan


Daily Discovery 01.30.20

Gkleft Ryda - Phedamine Los Angeles's Gkleft Ryda channels the spirit of the late. great Nate Dogg on "Phedamine," a track from his new album, I'm Not Like Them. Like the legendary G-funk crooner himself, Gkleft instills his bars with bendy, wavy snatches of melody, transitioning from Don Juan-esque come-ons and weed boasts to descriptions … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.30.20

Daily Yinz – Chalk Dinosaur – Song of an Eastern Wind

With Song of an Eastern Wind, the always eclectic Chalk Dinosaur takes a step away from the electro-funk of last October's Sunset to focus on lyric-driven indie pop. There are even acoustic guitars! The album's titular track is described by Chalk Dinosaur mastermind John O'Hallaron as a "cross generational collaboration between me and my parents." … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Chalk Dinosaur – Song of an Eastern Wind

Daily Yinz – Sober Clones – Wait Till You Know

Sober Clones is a bedroomy psych-pop act that has exactly two songs available on the internet, as far as I can tell. One of those songs is "Wait Till You Know," the first single off Sober Clones's self-titled album, due out mid-February. The track is only 71 seconds long, and rushes by in a sugary … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sober Clones – Wait Till You Know

Daily Yinz – Shorty Shayla – Ozzy

Shorty Shayla is a Pittsburgh rapper whose quirky, whimsical persona is sharpened by some serious rhyming ability. Shayla's newest single, "Ozzy," trades the mischievous, just-rolled-out-of-bed musings of previous tracks like "Chosen $" for icy bars and stinging put-downs. All trace of melody has been stripped from the track's instrumental, leaving nothing but a minimalist canvas … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Shorty Shayla – Ozzy

Daily Discovery 01.25.20

Oribu - Ibis Out on London's College Music Records is Overcome by Rome's Oribu. On the album is "Ibis," a mellower-than-mellow collection of chattering percussion, wordless vocal samples, and glassy melodic swatches. It's like Ratatat took a bunch of anti-anxiety meds and floated in a pool for a few hours. Bottomfed - Hunter "Hunter," off … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.25.20

Daily Yinz – Baseball Dad – Flowers + Tea

Baseball Dad are a Pittsburgh outfit whose twee-pop ditties prominently feature the ukulele. Baseball Dad's new single, "Flowers + Tea," finds the group filling out its usually sparse sound with drums, guitar, and bass. The song is a heartbroken little number that sees ukulelist/singer Hal McDonough sitting in a tub, smoking cigarettes and thinking about … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Baseball Dad – Flowers + Tea

Daily Yinz – Fictional Girlfriend – Serotonin Shuffle

Pittsburgh's Fictional Girlfriend creates elusive compositions that find the midpoint between ambient, noise, and experimental electronic music. The latest Fictional Girlfriend release, Violence Pop, comes to us unmastered and lightly mixed. The album's sounds are tinnier and more brittle as a result; where previous FG releases like last April's Phi of the Green Hills are … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Fictional Girlfriend – Serotonin Shuffle

Daily Discovery 01.23.20

Tosser - Wishful Thinking Washingtnon, DC's Tosser makes music for those who like their guitars woolly and their vocals slack-jawed. The group is back with "Wishful Thinking," the first single released from their upcoming album, Total Restraint. Overtop moody, chugging chords, frontman Eric Zidar admits, "I'm sure no more," dazed. It's a slacktastic garage remedy … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.23.20