Daily Yinz – Baseball Dad – Flowers + Tea

Baseball Dad are a Pittsburgh outfit whose twee-pop ditties prominently feature the ukulele.

Baseball Dad’s new single, “Flowers + Tea,” finds the group filling out its usually sparse sound with drums, guitar, and bass. The song is a heartbroken little number that sees ukulelist/singer Hal McDonough sitting in a tub, smoking cigarettes and thinking about smoothing over a tough romantic situation using the titular gifts, “Like I did the other week when you were sick/And you wanted to see me.” McDonough then wistfully muses, “You actually wanted to see me.” The slight lyrical inversion subtly, yet poignantly, drives home the song’s sense of longing and regret. McDonough finishes with a few “I’m so sorry”s, but does not seem to gain closure before the song’s 2:05 are up. Let the melancholy warmth of “Flowers + Tea” act as your own flowers + tea on this rainy Friday.

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