Daily Discovery 09.30.19

Groke-The Friendly Gigantactis Groke, a DJ from Bristol, UK, makes bioluminescent bangers that sound like they're rattling up from the depths of the Mariana Trench. "The Friendly Gigantactis," from Groke's new EP, The Dark Deep (Mad Zoo), has a woozy, aquatic sway that brings to mind images of an undersea rave, complete with neon-tentacled jellyfish … Continue reading Daily Discovery 09.30.19

More Format Changes!

Oh boy! Bored In Pittsburgh is going to start featuring more than one Daily Discovery track per day, with fewer words written about each one. So, you won't need to suffer through a solid brick of text while you listen to the music (unless that's your thing, in which case the Daily Yinz track will … Continue reading More Format Changes!

Daily Yinz-Supervolcano-Rare Ocelot

Supervolcano is an experimental Pittsburgh synthster whose music is aptly tagged with the words "electronic," "beeps," "odd," and "sounds." Supervolcano's new demo, COLOREATER, contains three tracks, each an anagram of the album's title. "Rare Ocelot" is the middle and longest song on the release, and it does indeed contain a vast array of beeps, boops, … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Supervolcano-Rare Ocelot

Daily Yinz-André Costello and the Cool Minors-Brighter Than Before

Pittsburgh's André Costello, supported by his Cool Minors (a moniker that referenced his guitar chords back when he was a solo artist, and now refers to his backing band) plays rousin', ramblin' indie rock that could soundtrack a leisurely drive through the country. Costello's new single, "Brighter Than Before," is his first release with the Cool … Continue reading Daily Yinz-André Costello and the Cool Minors-Brighter Than Before

Stare At Your Shoes-Old Soul Dies Young-Yuno

Old Soul Dies Young is a shoegaze/dream-pop outfit out of Denver, Colorado, self-described as an "anime love story without a happy ending." The group's new EP, Yandere, is a six-song whirlwind of emotions, vacillating between lovestruck rapture and suicidal despair. "Yuno," the EP's closing track, splits the difference, closing the journey with a sense of … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Old Soul Dies Young-Yuno

Daily Yinz-Fuzznaut-Conjuction and Ellipsis

Fuzznaut, the solo project of Pittsburgh composer Emilio Rizzo, uses the electric guitar as a wand to conjure stark, minimalist soundscapes from the abyss. I'd be wary of listening to Fuzznaut's new album, Form is Emptiness, in a dark room late at night; I imagine that following its twisting, distorted corridors in that context could … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Fuzznaut-Conjuction and Ellipsis

Stare At Your Shoes-Mellonta Tauta-Estrella

Edgar Allen Poe's satirical short story, "Mellonta Tauta," begins with the line, "Now, my dear friend--now, for your sins, you are to suffer the infliction of a long gossiping letter." For our sins, underrated Argentinian group Mellonta Tauta inflicts upon us pillowy dream-pop with the flanger turned up to 11. A welcome "punishment" for any … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Mellonta Tauta-Estrella