Daily Listen-Cocteau Twins-A Kissed Out Red Floatboat

Scottish trio Cocteau Twins are often credited for helping to pioneer the shoegaze genre in the late 80's, with Robin Guthrie's swirling guitar haze and Elizabeth Fraser's ethereal vocals standing out as the group's most notable and influential features. Their music stands on its own, though, and would be essential even if it didn't partially … Continue reading Daily Listen-Cocteau Twins-A Kissed Out Red Floatboat


Daily Discovery-Arcade High-Save State

Pittsburgh duo Arcade High makes music that is unabashedly nostalgic, hearkening back to the days of "letterman jackets, arcade lights, fast cars, and warm summer nights." Contrasting with the air of detached irony adopted by some artists that traffic in 80's signifiers, Arcade High's love of that era's sound is enthusiastic and full-hearted. "Save State," … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Arcade High-Save State

Daily Discovery-iblss and Akai Solo-Energy field

Today's song comes to us from two New Yorkers, producer iblss and rapper Akai Solo, off the former's new mixtape infinity. Iblss clearly knows how to create an atmosphere with his beats. "Energy Field" loops halting drums and sparse guitar, underpinning both with a faint blanket of staticky white noise; punctuating each spin through the … Continue reading Daily Discovery-iblss and Akai Solo-Energy field

Daily Discovery-Sound Elevator-Rain Chain

A few months ago, I saw a concert flyer hanging on a bulletin board at the Bierport (an expensive craft beer shop in Lawrenceville); it advertised, among other acts, an outfit called Sound Elevator, which was described as "shoegazey space-rock." Now, I'm a guy who tells everyone I know (so basically my cat and my … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Sound Elevator-Rain Chain

Daily Discovery-Look Vibrant-Memory Balloons

"Memory Balloons," the opening track off the newly released Cherish Everything by Montreal-based oddballs Look Vibrant, is one of the most colorful, quirky, and downright fun songs about death and decay that you'll ever hear. Inspired by the story of a terminally ill person who hosted the band while they were on tour, the track's … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Look Vibrant-Memory Balloons

Winter Moon-Make Real, Make Believe

Winter Moon-Make Real, Make Believe (2019, Kozmik Artifactz) The return of Swamptina, for those who missed her the first time around A few weeks back, Bored In Pittsburgh featured the sonic sledgehammer “Who Are You” by Melbourne, Australia’s Winter Moon, and the character of Swamptina Aguilera was born. Swamptina is the pseudonym that I bestowed … Continue reading Winter Moon-Make Real, Make Believe