Daily Discovery-Blossom Wash-Looking For An Answer

Today's find, "Looking For An Answer," is a hazy slice of bedroom pop from the Rico, Colorado duo Blossom Wash off their new release Washed (Waffle Press Records). The track is led by jaunty piano chords that sound as though they're coming straight out of a saloon scene from the first movie to ever feature … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Blossom Wash-Looking For An Answer

Japandroids-Celebration Rock

Japandroids-Celebration Rock (2012, Polyvinyl) I first heard Japandroids after their 2009 debut Post-Nothing was heavily plugged by Pitchfork (of course). Like most music I listen to, I first decided to give it a shot because I liked the band’s name. At that time, my ears were unaccustomed to the lo-fi sound, and my reaction was … Continue reading Japandroids-Celebration Rock

Daily Listen-Bill Frisell-Good Old People

I wanted to post something upbeat for this Monday, mostly for myself, since my allergies have rendered me leaky and grouchy. "Good Old People," from guitarist Bill Frisell's 2003 album The Intercontinentals, is one of the most upbeat songs in my arsenal. I played it, as is almost always the case with Daily Listens, on … Continue reading Daily Listen-Bill Frisell-Good Old People

Daily Discovery-Finding Milo-Good Talk Kid (My Friends)

I feel like I've been posting some mournful songs over the past few Mondays; I think it's my subconscious rejecting the beginning of the work week. Today's song can be found on the newly released Sputnik by California duo Finding Milo. "Good Talk Kid (My Friends)" is striking in its vulnerability; consisting of not much … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Finding Milo-Good Talk Kid (My Friends)

Daily Discovery-Dyr Faser-Not The Other Side Again

Today's find is "Not The Other Side Again" by the Boston, MA duo Dyr Faser, the first track released from the upcoming album Private Islands. Amelia May's guitar work is the defining feature, a shimmering, freeform haze that swirls around a ticking, electronic bossa nova beat as if being blown by a lazy breeze. May … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Dyr Faser-Not The Other Side Again

Daily Listen-Jimi Hendrix Experience-Rainy Day, Dream Away

This one is another sort-of cheapie, since most everyone has heard a song by Jimi Hendrix at some point. It's appropriate today, though, since--surprise, surprise--it's raining in Pittsburgh! The forecast for the better part of the next week calls for rain, so this song is helping me get mentally prepared for the damp and dreary … Continue reading Daily Listen-Jimi Hendrix Experience-Rainy Day, Dream Away

Daily Discovery-Minru-Forest

Today's find is "Forest," from the new album Yearnings (PACAYA) by the Berlin singer-songwriter/folky person Minru (real name Caroline Blomqvist). I was drawn to this album because of its cover art, which is often the case; the blurred nature scene, courtesy of Marie Dresler (no, not the old silent movie actress) reminded me of the … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Minru-Forest