Daily Yinz-Easy Bake Oven-It Came From Outer Space

Easy Bake Oven is a prolific Pittsburgh noise artist who releases music through experimental label Rorer 714 Recordings. Easy Bake Oven's latest album is called All My Toys Hate Me, which sounds like the title to a long-lost Goosebumps book. As usual, the artist makes use of bent circuits to achieve a chaotic, dissonant, often … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Easy Bake Oven-It Came From Outer Space


Daily Yinz-Ingrid J-Come Inside (ft. Raindrop Relly)

Ingrid J is a Pittsburgh singer and producer whose downtempo nocturnes come bathed in the soft light of a flickering screen. Ingrid's latest release is "Come Inside," a joint-lit slow jam featuring a verse from Canonsburg rapper Raindrop Relly. The song's lyrics establish your classic tug of war between woman and man, love (or maybe … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Ingrid J-Come Inside (ft. Raindrop Relly)

Daily Yinz-Buffalo Rose-Somewhere, TN

Buffalo Rose are a Pittsburgh Americana act known for their glorious vocal harmonies; their new album, Big Stampede, is out on Misra Records. Listening to album opener "Somewhere, TN" feels like being caressed by a sturdy breeze as it flows over a boundless prairie; perhaps your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere, … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Buffalo Rose-Somewhere, TN

Daily Yinz-Leek Lone-kingme.

Elusive rapper Leek Lone is back with nomadchildren., his second release of the year, a collection of sketches and fragments that show the artist in his usual contemplative state. "kingme." is one of the album's highlights, showcasing the sense of weary optimism that Leek brings to his strongest tracks. The instrumental (produced by sum duke) … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Leek Lone-kingme.

Daily Yinz-Nathan King-Old Dark House

Nathan King is a Pittsburgh-based synth warlock who creates spooky soundscapes that issue forth from the shadows of the Steel City. "Old Dark House," the titular track from King's recent two-song release, hearkens back to the sound of the so-called witch house movement of the early 2010s, albeit a lighter and more buoyant version than … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Nathan King-Old Dark House

Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Where You’re Going

Pittsburgh polymath Leila Rhodes is back with another excellent electric blues track, "Where You're Going." "Where You're Going" is one of those songs that is made stronger by featuring only two guitar chords (by my count, at least). And these are some tasty chords, strongly resembling the dominant seven sharp ninths preferred by players like … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Where You’re Going

Daily Yinz-jb.arnes-Raindance

Jb.arnes is a Pittsburgh-via-everywhere ambient artist whose new release, Jardin's Place, is indebted to the sounds of the Kankyō Ongaku ("environmental music") movement prevalent in Japan during the 1980's. Jb.arnes recorded Jardin's Place using a Tascam DR-4 and an iPhone 5 while trotting the globe over the past four years, setting up shop in India, … Continue reading Daily Yinz-jb.arnes-Raindance

Daily Yinz-Faradé-I’ll Keep You Safe..Remember

Pittsburgh rapper Faradé repurposes a snippet from internet mystery Shiloh Dynasty for "I'll Keep You Safe..Remember," released last month. Shiloh Dynasty is an elusive, androgynous figure with an angelic singing voice whose music is available solely in the form of brief Instagram clips, shared sporadically. Their distinctive warble has permeated the online music culture over … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Faradé-I’ll Keep You Safe..Remember

Daily Yinz-Come Holy Spirit-Panacea

Come Holy Spirit is a Pittsburgh trio whose members weave together disparate musical styles to create their own brand of chaotic, earth-worshipping folk punk. They recently released a split album with Milwaukee world (or, rather, otherworld) music collective Gnarrenschiff. The album's opening track, "Panacea," is a rework of a song that was included on Come … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Come Holy Spirit-Panacea