Yearly Yinz 2020: Albums

Here we are, back at it again with some more Yearly Yinz action, this time for Bored In Pittsburgh’s favorite local albums of 2020, arranged chronologically. This is not a "best-of" list, but a collection of works that resonated especially deeply. ### ALONA - R.E.D Imagine a flip phone filled with recordings of stark, brooding … Continue reading Yearly Yinz 2020: Albums


Yearly Yinz 2020: Songs

Here it is; Bored In Pittsburgh’s favorite local tracks from the past year, arranged in no particular order. You can check out this handy user’s guide if you want to locate a specific track or artist. The option to move between pages is hiding at the bottom (below “related posts” and above “tags,” I believe). ### Good … Continue reading Yearly Yinz 2020: Songs

Daily Yinzmas – Emily Zuzik and Ted Russell Kamp – The Christmas Star

Greensburg, PA's own Emily Zuzik partners with country music veteran Ted Russell Kamp for an upbeat Christmas tune. As this brutal year draws to a close, Emily Zuzik and Ted Russell Kamp decided that some levity was overdue, and recorded "The Christmas Star," a self-described "fun, dancy, cheesy holiday song." Driven by throwback pop chords, … Continue reading Daily Yinzmas – Emily Zuzik and Ted Russell Kamp – The Christmas Star

Announcing: The Yearly Yinz 2020

Oh boy! To mark the end of this terrible year, Bored In Pittsburgh will be publishing its second annual "Yearly Yinz" lists, featuring my favorite Pittsburgh songs and albums of 2020. These aren’t going to be “best-of” lists; there was, once again, too much great music released for me to include everything, and I think … Continue reading Announcing: The Yearly Yinz 2020

Daily Yinz – RΛUL – Glimmer

RΛUL is a Pittsburgh-based solo artist who creates a dreamy, digitized strain of R&B; Rose (The Flower) is his latest EP. "Glimmer," my favorite track from Rose, floats by on a bed of pillowy synths, washed out strings, swirling, reversed vocal samples, and leisurely breakbeats. Hard-hitting pulses of electro bass keep things from drifting off, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – RΛUL – Glimmer

Blood Menace – Threat EP

Purchase Blood Menace's Threat EP to support Sisters PGH, a "transgender centered drop-in space, resource provider and shelter transitioning program based in Pittsburgh, PA" and 1Hood Media, a collective of socially conscious artists & activists who utilize art to raise awareness." Threat is a glitchy, rumbling deathcore effort from Shin Guard bassist Jake Yencik. It … Continue reading Blood Menace – Threat EP

Daily Yinz – Morse Code Band – Galaxy Falling

Experimental synth project Morse Code Band dealt with this year's lockdown by performing live sets to audiences of zero and capturing the results on tape. Pandemic Residency, out now on Inside/Outpost, is the result. MCB uses an array of synths, devices, pedals, and field recordings to conjure chilly, unsettling atmospheres on the album's nine tracks. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Morse Code Band – Galaxy Falling

Daily Yinz – Eric Weidenhof – Mycelium Ceiling

Eric Weidenhof, a cellist who also records with Sneeze Awfull, recently released an EP called isms. The EP's four tracks are full of moody strings, hushed vocals, and percussion that skitters about like a horde of insects. Song structures are loose, shifting between passages of rickety chamber music and extended bouts of dissonant improvisation. The … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Eric Weidenhof – Mycelium Ceiling

Daily Yinz – Lyn Starr – ’96 Corolla

The newly released Tierra sees rapper Lyn Starr flex his R&B muscles to impressive effect. For someone who has mostly stuck to rapping on past releases, Lyn Starr's singing on Tierra sounds assured and effortless; I guess it's safe to say that the artist has pulled his own Awaken, My Love! with this one. "'96 … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lyn Starr – ’96 Corolla