Daily Yinzmas – Emily Zuzik and Ted Russell Kamp – The Christmas Star

Greensburg, PA’s own Emily Zuzik partners with country music veteran Ted Russell Kamp for an upbeat Christmas tune.

As this brutal year draws to a close, Emily Zuzik and Ted Russell Kamp decided that some levity was overdue, and recorded “The Christmas Star,” a self-described “fun, dancy, cheesy holiday song.” Driven by throwback pop chords, buoyant horn accents, and jingling sleigh bells, it’s the kind of thing that you might hear on a Santa cruise departing from Santa Cruz (terrible pun, sorry) while sipping a candy cane martini and fighting with retirees for prime deck chair position. Sometimes, unabashed cheese is the perfect thing for a difficult time, and “The Christmas Star” delivers the goods in joyful fashion. There’s also a goofy video!

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