Daily Yinz – Lyn Starr – ’96 Corolla

The newly released Tierra sees rapper Lyn Starr flex his R&B muscles to impressive effect.

For someone who has mostly stuck to rapping on past releases, Lyn Starr’s singing on Tierra sounds assured and effortless; I guess it’s safe to say that the artist has pulled his own Awaken, My Love! with this one. “’96 Corolla,” an ode to a trusty car (or maybe a long term relationship, or maybe both!) features intricate melodic flows and a healthy dose of husky falsetto, Starr’s vocals mingling with a mellow bounce of an instrumental to create a lush garden of sound. Side note: I have a janky-yet-durable ’03 Civic myself, so I appreciate the old car love conveyed by this song.

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