Daily Yinz – Kris Hollis – I Ain’t Never Seen You Here (feat. Dejah Monea)

Taylor Gang's Kris Hollis joins forces with Dejah Monea for a new single. "I Ain't Never Seen You Here" is a woozy, late-night slow jam that sounds like it was conceived, written, and recorded in the most dimly-lit corner of the club. The percussion hits with the light touch of a finger grazing an arm, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Kris Hollis – I Ain’t Never Seen You Here (feat. Dejah Monea)


Daily Yinz – Working Breed – Deep End

The theatrical rockers of Working Breed returned in May with Gaslighter, their first album since 2019. "Deep End" is a compact, rope-skipping, hopscotching anthem that uses schoolyard chants ("1, 2, 3, 4/Who is even keeping score? [...] 9, 10, 11, 12/ Let the past be on the shelf") to conjure a liberatory atmosphere, like it's … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Working Breed – Deep End

Daily Yinz – Watererer – Cyclonic

David Bernabo's Watererer project returns, minus a traditional drum kit, plus a vibraphone and the usual roster of collaborators, for a new LP on the Ongoing Box label. On the album, *deep breath* Flax​-​flow​’​r Hue Quaked and Chiseled Stone Polywater Thermal Vision Adamant Run (which sounds like a passage from Finnegans Wake), Watererer coax rhythms … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Watererer – Cyclonic

Daily Yinz – Alvin Row – What You Do To Me

Alvin Row's latest release, Small Feelings, conveys emotions that are hard to place. While tranquil grooves, warm, floaty synths, and naturalistic samples drive a number of the pieces on Small Feelings, "What You Do To Me" hits like a blissed-out rave held inside an arcade. As drum-and-bass style percussion twists itself into knotty patterns, digital … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Alvin Row – What You Do To Me


Fiction Writing

If you enjoyed reading about stuff that exists (Pittsburgh music), consider reading about stuff that doesn’t exist! ### “Telescope Man” – published in Pinky Thinker Press “Are you in the office?” – published in Unlikely Stories Mark V “Salvia Eagle Loses the Prize” – published in God’s Cruel Joke “In the Hanging Gardens” – published in Dark Mountain Project

Daily Yinz – Genital Shame – Gay Bar Bleach

Erin Dawson returns with her second release as Genital Shame, a project that pushes the boundaries of black metal. When you think of black metal, you might picture corpse-painted warlocks burning churches in Norway, but Erin Dawson approaches the art form as a self-described "simple trans woman from the hills of West Virginia." Gathering My … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Genital Shame – Gay Bar Bleach

Daily Yinz – The Petals – Evening Has Broken

The Petals recently released Indigo Armor, the culmination of four years' worth of work. Where The Petals' last album, 2019's Seven Stops, was noisy and climactic, Indigo Armor is delicate, like something emerging from a cocoon. Dreamy atmospheres and glistening tones abound. "Evening Has Broken," the last single released before the album proper, floats atop … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Petals – Evening Has Broken

Daily Yinz – Bri Dominique – Escape

The lo-fi artist continues to explore an array of styles and sounds. Where last August's music for the kind hearted featured whimsical bedroom fare, and September single "IDK" shone with a synthy gloss, "Escape" runs a ukulele through an army's worth of guitar pedals and layers the resulting colorful goop over motorik drums. The riffs … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Bri Dominique – Escape