Changing And Evolving Over Time – A Q+A With Joseph Rusnak of Glo Phase

Photo provided by artist Glo Phase (real name Joseph Rusnak) creates pulsing, textured electronic music that plunges the listener into a golden hour environment for the eardrums, wherein winking sunlight and encroaching shadows intermingle freely. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for Bored In Pittsburgh; check it out below. ### First off, … Continue reading Changing And Evolving Over Time – A Q+A With Joseph Rusnak of Glo Phase

Daily Discovery 04.28.20

JazzZ - MOOD Nigerian singer/songwriter JazzZ makes sure to emphasize that extra Z. "MOOD," from her most recent release, Unpopular, finds the artist singing from the depths of a moody melodic pool that recalls the genre from which she draws her name. Plus, the song's plush sonics are enough to send you drifting into a … Continue reading Daily Discovery 04.28.20

Daily Yinz – Dumplings – Big Big Bad

Dumplings are a Pittsburgh rock trio whose music channels the unbound joy of creating loud sounds in a garage, basement, bedroom, or what have you. Dumplings's latest EP, 3, opens with"Big Big Bad," a true working person's blues lament if I've ever heard one. Bassist Pam Dowling handles lead vocals on this one; backed by … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Dumplings – Big Big Bad

Daily Yinz – Pick Patek – Sticky Fingers (Remix)

Pick Patek is a Pittsburgh-based rapper who just dropped a remix of his 2019 track "Sticky Fingers." The original song's brassy animation is toned down several levels for this remix, as boisterous horns give way to glassy synth swatches and Pick's voice is screwed down an octave, vividly alluding to the track's refrain of, "Khalifa … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Pick Patek – Sticky Fingers (Remix)

Daily Discovery 04.27.20

Wavvyday - Infinite Waters West Palm Beach's Wavvyday makes music for pool parties, outdoor couch sessions, and summer daze. "Infinite Waters," off the duo's self-titled debut, reminds me of the balmy, lightweight beach tunes created by high school favorite Aer, the languorous guitar 'n beats format elevated here by Matt Brown's enticing falsetto. It's almost … Continue reading Daily Discovery 04.27.20

Daily Yinz – Murder For Girls – Honeycomb

Murder For Girls are a garagey, punky Pittsburgh ensemble whose latest album, Done In The Dark, is set to drop in May. The album's first single, "Honeycomb," scales back the guitar crunch of MFG's 2017 release, All The Pretty Stars, in favor of a cleaner, more surf-influenced sound. A brisk bass line underpins layers of … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Murder For Girls – Honeycomb

Daily Yinz – Carnival Room – 1000 Mirrors

Carnival Room are a Pittsburgh duo that crafts little nuggets of lo-fi psychedelic music. Carnival Room's latest release, Mirrors Have Eyes, dropped on leap day, and it contains noisy jet-stream pop, soporific chillout balladry, and everything in between. "1000 Mirrors" (that must mean a lot of eyes), a track built around a lonely drum machine, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Carnival Room – 1000 Mirrors