Daily Discovery 04.23.20

Self Defense Family – Florida Trip

The members of Cohoes, New York (shouts out to my dude Kilgore Trout) emo-adjacent collective Self Defense Family are scouring the depths of their hard drives in order to spice up your social distancing times with some deep cuts. One of these is “Florida Trip,” off a two-parter dubbed Kitten Beach, the name a reference to the cat-filled living room in which these recordings were banged out. “Florida Trip” is slow, scuzzy, and solemn, everything you wouldn’t expect from a journey to the Sunshine State. Let it enfold you in its low-res embrace and provide some bittersweet comfort.


EARF. – InnerBeauty

EARF., a creative duo based out of Philadelphia, conjure off-kilter R&B that’s been steeped in the waters of a mystical futurism. “InnerBeauty,” off their new release, SOURCE GOLD, is a spaced-out love ballad that perfectly balances the two voices of EARF., FR33SOL’s deep warble and Lavva’s cool croon. He sings, “my baby an earth sign/strong, black tourmaline” and she later responds “I think you have ancient eyes.” Not your traditional bedroom jam; rather, it’s what fourth-dimensional entities throw on the astral stereo when they want to get freaky.


Aux Portes – Mountain, Pt. 3

Vienna, Austria’s Aux Portes make wooly, blown-out psych-rock in the vein of groups like Temples and Lorelle meets The Obsolete. Their Mountain EP, released earlier this week, comprises four tracks, all entitled “Mountain.” Part 3 of this alpine suite features a raucous, jangling sitar that twists itself into a badass surf-rock riff, over which distorted vocals and guitars are bandied about. George Harrison would be proud.



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