Daily Yinz – Pick Patek – Sticky Fingers (Remix)

Pick Patek is a Pittsburgh-based rapper who just dropped a remix of his 2019 track “Sticky Fingers.”

The original song’s brassy animation is toned down several levels for this remix, as boisterous horns give way to glassy synth swatches and Pick’s voice is screwed down an octave, vividly alluding to the track’s refrain of, “Khalifa Kush/Outer space, Voltron.” Where the original recalled the exuberant swagger of early 2010s kegstand rappers like Hoodie Allen and a 50’s-doo-wop-sampling G Eazy, this version comes closer to blunted, Watching Movies With The Sound Off Mac territory. In the accompanying video, Pick spins around the camera under blue sky and cumulus clouds, reveling in the freedom of being young, alive, and hazy.

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