Support Black Pittsburgh Artists


Bandcamp will be waiving its revenue share this Friday, July 3rd. Support black artists from the Pittsburgh area: The Childlike Empress Brittney Chantele Livefromthecity Saani Mac Jordan Montgomery INEZ Clara Kent Bilal Abbey Pharaoh Lum PK Delay jGGZ Patel Andrew Muse Madame Dolores The Universe Online Leila Rhodes Feralcat Think Good Audio Sierra Sellers Kai … Continue reading Support Black Pittsburgh Artists

Daily Yinz – KELS – Be Fine

KELS, fresh off a relocation from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, recently released the carefree "Be Fine." The track contains KELS's signature blend of breezy pop production and force-of-nature singing, deployed this time around in the service of soothing, both for herself and for her listeners. Muted percussion ticks, guitar chords eddy like ripples in a swimming … Continue reading Daily Yinz – KELS – Be Fine

Daily Yinz – water armor – My Reflection

Water armor, a side project of FLOOR BABA, sets aside the former's hyper-expressive video game sounds for something a bit more meditative. Where FLOOR BABA's chiptune synths and frenetic beats bring to mind images of sleepover-happy middle schoolers crushing energy drinks, button-mashing XBOX, and hurting themselves on a friend's trampoline, water armor's most recent release, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – water armor – My Reflection

Daily Yinz – Betsy Schmeler and Benito Countouris – Two Chord Song

Two former Wild Blue Yonderers join forces for an EP of smeary, stripped-down pop music. Fittingly, the EP's first track is called "Two Chord Song," and it's a twee-as-can-be proclamation of devotion that sees Schmeler pledge, "Just know I don't want no one else," to a person with whom she shares moments both carefree ("The … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Betsy Schmeler and Benito Countouris – Two Chord Song

Daily Yinz – Essential Machine – Almost Outta Here

Essential Machine, a trio comprising two parents and their son, recently released the aptly titled Exponential Crisis (Lemon Tree Records). Album highlight "Almost Outta Here" taps into the retro road warrior energy of "Red Eyes"-era War on Drugs, riding metronomic drums, swirling guitar, and bargain-bin synths toward the far horizon in search of something just … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Essential Machine – Almost Outta Here