Yearly Yinz 2019: Albums


Here we are, back at it again with some more Yearly Yinz action, this time for Bored In Pittsburgh's favorite local albums of 2019, arranged chronologically. ### Brittney Chantele - A Fire On Venus Although Brittney Chantele’s April release, A Fire On Venus, is both more romantic and less overtly political than 2017’s Labels, it’s … Continue reading Yearly Yinz 2019: Albums

Yearly Yinz 2019: Songs (Part One)


Here it is; Bored In Pittsburgh's favorite local tracks from the past year, arranged in no particular order. You can check out this handy user's guide if you want to locate a specific track or artist. The option to move between pages is hiding at the bottom (below "related posts" and above "tags"). Part Two … Continue reading Yearly Yinz 2019: Songs (Part One)

Daily Discovery 01.25.20

Oribu - Ibis Out on London's College Music Records is Overcome by Rome's Oribu. On the album is "Ibis," a mellower-than-mellow collection of chattering percussion, wordless vocal samples, and glassy melodic swatches. It's like Ratatat took a bunch of anti-anxiety meds and floated in a pool for a few hours. Bottomfed - Hunter "Hunter," off … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.25.20

Daily Yinz – Baseball Dad – Flowers + Tea

Baseball Dad are a Pittsburgh outfit whose twee-pop ditties prominently feature the ukulele. Baseball Dad's new single, "Flowers + Tea," finds the group filling out its usually sparse sound with drums, guitar, and bass. The song is a heartbroken little number that sees ukulelist/singer Hal McDonough sitting in a tub, smoking cigarettes and thinking about … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Baseball Dad – Flowers + Tea

Daily Yinz – Fictional Girlfriend – Serotonin Shuffle

Pittsburgh's Fictional Girlfriend creates elusive compositions that find the midpoint between ambient, noise, and experimental electronic music. The latest Fictional Girlfriend release, Violence Pop, comes to us unmastered and lightly mixed. The album's sounds are tinnier and more brittle as a result; where previous FG releases like last April's Phi of the Green Hills are … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Fictional Girlfriend – Serotonin Shuffle

Daily Discovery 01.23.20

Tosser - Wishful Thinking Washingtnon, DC's Tosser makes music for those who like their guitars woolly and their vocals slack-jawed. The group is back with "Wishful Thinking," the first single released from their upcoming album, Total Restraint. Overtop moody, chugging chords, frontman Eric Zidar admits, "I'm sure no more," dazed. It's a slacktastic garage remedy … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.23.20

Daily Yinz – Rhyme – Nirvana

Rhyme is a Pittsburgh-via-Flint-via-Minneapolis rapper, singer, and dancer whose latest EP, Goin' Up, was released at the end of November (so yes, we're a bit late on this one). Rhyme's flows on Goin' Up augment Cardi B-style brashness and badassery with a strong melodic edge, while the EP's instrumentals range from underwater booms and baps … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Rhyme – Nirvana

Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Mezzotint

Pittsburgh producer Glo Phase follows up last summer's Fall Deep, a collaboration with vocalist Jocelyn Rent, with Mezzotint, a series of washed-out, downtempo instrumentals. A mezzotint is defined as "a print made from an engraved copper or steel plate on which the surface has been partially roughened, for shading, and partially scraped smooth, giving light … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Mezzotint

Ky Vöss Is Defined By Duality

Photograph Credit to Ryan Maine Ky Vöss has already said enough words about the car. “I feel like [it] is more known than I am,” they admitted, ruefully, when reflecting on the oft-told creation myth of artist on the run from somewhere to anywhere, wherein “anywhere” ends up becoming Pittsburgh due to a broken down … Continue reading Ky Vöss Is Defined By Duality