Support Black Pittsburgh Artists


Bandcamp will be waiving its revenue share this Friday, July 3rd. Support black artists from the Pittsburgh area: The Childlike Empress Brittney Chantele Livefromthecity Saani Mac Jordan Montgomery INEZ Clara Kent Bilal Abbey Pharaoh Lum PK Delay jGGZ Patel Andrew Muse Madame Dolores The Universe Online Leila Rhodes Feralcat Think Good Audio Sierra Sellers Kai … Continue reading Support Black Pittsburgh Artists


Daily Yinz – Devon Osamu Tipp – Smell of the Sun 太​陽​の​匂​い

A composition for five shakuhachi that was inspired by a profound literary experience. When composer and performer Devon Osamu Tipp read Yoshimoto Banana's novel "Argentine Hag," they experienced a sort of two-way deja-vu; Tipp felt an inkling that events that occurred within the book's plot might happen to them in the future, or had perhaps … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Devon Osamu Tipp – Smell of the Sun 太​陽​の​匂​い

Weekly Wrap-Up 03.24.23

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week ### Luwidakid - Different Cloth (ft. iiiMooeen) Darkly bombastic melodic hip-hop filled to the brim with off-kilter instrumental flourishes and disorienting vocal cadences. More from Luwidakid Follow on Instagram ### Dizzier - cruelty Hushed acoustic guitar music that feels like … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up 03.24.23

Daily Yinz – Illiterates – Weather Capital

The self-described "dumbest band in hardcore" returns with a second LP called No Experts. The thrashing "Weather Capital," full of grinding guitars and queasy bass, serves a mini-anthem for the band itself. Vocalist Lawson Bloom, in a voice that simultaneously brays, honks, and snarls, announces the group's reemergence from the depths of a not-so-cold winter, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Illiterates – Weather Capital

Daily Yinz – Jordan Montgomery – Carne Asada

Driving While Black's Jordan Montgomery returns with Prime Real Estate, his first album since 2020. The album's lead single, "Carne Asada," rides a triumphant Big Jerm instrumental through a series of trials--bad credit, unaffordable tuition, creative dry spells, untrustworthy friends--and emerges victorious, with drums knocking and horns blaring. As Montgomery puts it, "Pain is like … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Jordan Montgomery – Carne Asada

Daily Yinz – Sleep Movies – Shadow Talker

Psychedelic act Sleep Movies shares an outtake from 2021's Melt Transmission (Crafted Sounds). Sleep Movies mastermind Skyler Brimmeier describes Melt Transmission as a "messy, unintentional, primitive exercise in turning loops into big chaotic atmospheres and then finding a way to cool them down." On the album proper, this process resulted in series of blurred synth … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sleep Movies – Shadow Talker

Daily Yinz – Cold Mass – Bring the Chairs Closer to the Casket

Hardcore quartet Cold Mass return with a self-titled third album. Cold Mass sure know how to make sulfuric guitars, sledgehammer drums, and throat-pulverizing yowls sound fun; a menacing groove animates the band's music, rendering it neck-snappingly, arm-flailingly danceable. Cold Mass III opener "Bring the Chairs Closer to the Casket" twists itself around a series of … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Cold Mass – Bring the Chairs Closer to the Casket