Here goes

Well, I'm doing what every 20-something wannabe hipster white boy does at some point and starting a music blog. I've lived in Pittsburgh for about a year now and my cat is still my only friend, so I spend a lot of time listening to music by myself. Figured I would spend some time writing … Continue reading Here goes


Daily Discovery-Blossom-Career Suicide

Today's find, "Career Suicide," is a single released from the upcoming album Maybe by Portland, OR singer Blossom. The best word I can use to describe this song is "elusive." it seems to float weightlessly in space and feels longer than it actually is; you kind of get lost in the song without ever truly … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Blossom-Career Suicide

Daily Discovery-Reflective Detectives-Brave New Boogie

Today's find, "Brave New Boogie" from the newly released Total Fiction by Los Angeles-via-DC project Reflective Detectives, is the perfect Friday song. Bright and sunny on the surface, with an undercurrent of jaded exhaustion, it captures the feeling (well, at least my feeling) of finishing up the work week and heading into a long Memorial … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Reflective Detectives-Brave New Boogie

Better Worlds — A Speculative Q+A With the Utopian Sonic Engineers of L-space

Photo courtesy of the group's Facebook page A few weeks ago, I wrote about "A Small Main Waits While The Rain Sizzles On The Tarp," a piece from Music For Megastructures, the new release from the Scottish group L-space on the Last Night From Glasgow label. The band creates dreamy, retrofuturistic songs with a cinematic … Continue reading Better Worlds — A Speculative Q+A With the Utopian Sonic Engineers of L-space

Daily Discovery-Scrimshire and Georgia Anne Muldrow-Thru You

"Thru You," by London producer Scrimshire and featuring the excellent Los Angeles artist Georgia Anne Muldrow on vocals, is one of the first songs released from the upcoming Listeners (Albert's Favourites). A funky rave-up of a track, this one celebrates the power of music to connect us with other people, both physically and spiritually. The … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Scrimshire and Georgia Anne Muldrow-Thru You

Daily Discovery-Jonfin-Tomorrow

Today's find is "Tomorrow" from the newly released Cherrypickers by the Chicago, IL group Jonfin. The song is a relatively straightforward slice of jangly indie pop, but it contains several elements that make it to stand out from the vast, monochrome expanse of bedroom-y pop/rock acts out there. The first is a crystalline, watery lead … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Jonfin-Tomorrow