Here goes

Well, I'm doing what every 20-something wannabe hipster white boy does at some point and starting a music blog. I've lived in Pittsburgh for about a year now and my cat is still my only friend, so I spend a lot of time listening to music by myself. Figured I would spend some time writing … Continue reading Here goes

Update! Oh boy!

Bored In Pittsburgh will be posting a bit less frequently than usual over the next 1.5 months; currently working on a few bigger pieces for the end of the year, and there’s not enough time in the day for everything. Stay tuned for some (hopefully) good stuff in late December!

Daily Yinz-Ramon Yancey x Shamar-Haunting

Pittsburgh's North and South sides unite for the track "Haunting," with rappers Ramon Yancey and Shamar representing the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, respectively. "Haunting" is a gripping display of technical and lyrical chops, both a vivid picture of and a diatribe against a rigged financial system, structural racism, and the effects of gentrification. The instrumental … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Ramon Yancey x Shamar-Haunting

Daily Yinz-Chip & The Charge Ups-Black and Gold Christmas

Christmas comes early to Pittsburgh this year, and it's decked out in black and gold thanks to power-pop act Chip & The Charge Ups. A brief mini-blizzard hit our fair city yesterday, drastically speeding up my holiday spirit timeline, so it seems appropriate to highlight a Christmas song today. On November 1st, Chip & The … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Chip & The Charge Ups-Black and Gold Christmas

Daily Yinz-Parking Lot Bandits-Cashin’ Out

Parking Lot Bandits are a Pittsburgh folk-punk quartet whose EP, Some Call It Utopia, is due for release later this month. "Cashin' Out," the first single released from Some Call It Utopia, is a weary, gray flag of not-quite-surrender. Guitarist Jon Ha (backed by the vocals of harpist/ukuleleist Natasha) snarls his way through a litany … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Parking Lot Bandits-Cashin’ Out

Daily Discovery 11.11.19

Seo - Citrus Paradisi Nigerian/Irish artist Seo sounds like she's had a strong cup of coffee or two since September's Pink Noise. Where that album floated, "Citrus Paradisi" flows, gliding along atop the world's chillwaviest reggaeton beat. Switching between English and Spanish, Seo asks, "Can you take me home to paradise?", also murmuring about grapefruits … Continue reading Daily Discovery 11.11.19

Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Like Champagne For Tears

Think Good Audio's Michael Haynes burrows deep inside himself with each new project, emerging with emotionally-resonant instrumentals that cover the vast ground between despair and hope. The latest Think Good Audio release, Withdrawal, centers on the theme of alcoholism and its deleterious effect on relationships. A dark topic for sure, but much of the music … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Like Champagne For Tears

Daily Yinz-Emily Cook and Dana Ma-Live at 3577 2018-10-04

Cook/Ma, an album containing two live performances by clarinetist Emily Cook and synth sculptor Dana Ma, was recently released on cassette by Crucible Sound, a Pittsburgh organization that seeks to promote collaboration and free improvisation. Cook/Ma's Side A is a 25-minute set that was recorded in October 2018 at Polish Hill's 3577 Studios. The improvised … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Emily Cook and Dana Ma-Live at 3577 2018-10-04