Weekly Wrap-Up 03.24.23

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week ### Luwidakid - Different Cloth (ft. iiiMooeen) Darkly bombastic melodic hip-hop filled to the brim with off-kilter instrumental flourishes and disorienting vocal cadences. More from Luwidakid Follow on Instagram https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gipEj8xwYQ8 ### Dizzier - cruelty Hushed acoustic guitar music that feels like … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up 03.24.23


Daily Yinz – Illiterates – Weather Capital

The self-described "dumbest band in hardcore" returns with a second LP called No Experts. The thrashing "Weather Capital," full of grinding guitars and queasy bass, serves a mini-anthem for the band itself. Vocalist Lawson Bloom, in a voice that simultaneously brays, honks, and snarls, announces the group's reemergence from the depths of a not-so-cold winter, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Illiterates – Weather Capital

Daily Yinz – Jordan Montgomery – Carne Asada

Driving While Black's Jordan Montgomery returns with Prime Real Estate, his first album since 2020. The album's lead single, "Carne Asada," rides a triumphant Big Jerm instrumental through a series of trials--bad credit, unaffordable tuition, creative dry spells, untrustworthy friends--and emerges victorious, with drums knocking and horns blaring. As Montgomery puts it, "Pain is like … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Jordan Montgomery – Carne Asada

Daily Yinz – Sleep Movies – Shadow Talker

Psychedelic act Sleep Movies shares an outtake from 2021's Melt Transmission (Crafted Sounds). Sleep Movies mastermind Skyler Brimmeier describes Melt Transmission as a "messy, unintentional, primitive exercise in turning loops into big chaotic atmospheres and then finding a way to cool them down." On the album proper, this process resulted in series of blurred synth … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sleep Movies – Shadow Talker