Daily Yinz – Sleep Movies – Shadow Talker

Psychedelic act Sleep Movies shares an outtake from 2021’s Melt Transmission (Crafted Sounds).

Sleep Movies mastermind Skyler Brimmeier describes Melt Transmission as a “messy, unintentional, primitive exercise in turning loops into big chaotic atmospheres and then finding a way to cool them down.” On the album proper, this process resulted in series of blurred synth reveries, but in the case of “Sleep Talker,” the product sounds a bit like Smashing Pumpkins being submerged in a vat of chemicals, or My Bloody Valentine emerging from the vat of chemicals in which they’re usually submerged. A scrabbling, moody riff treks its way through a sea of laser beam melodic squeals and woozy drum cadences, while Brimmeier’s whooshing vocals conjure images of blue suns and red stars.

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Artwork by Darrin Milliner at Social Living


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