Weekly Wrap-Up 02.17.23

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Partly Sunny – Sick or Sad

This track, which takes center stage in a space opera about a family escaping a doomed earth, deploys driving rhythms, whispy vocals, and jarring instrumental stabs in service of a deceptively poignant unrequited love song.

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RAT-NIP – Death Pact

If catnip is a Nepetalactone-containing plant that makes your cat high, then RAT-NIP is a punk outfit that hammers the eardrums with blistering screeds.

More from RAT-NIP at Song Book Records

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Chris Miskis – True Flame Casts No Shadow

Dark fantasy author decides that his book, Like Moonlight Through Leaves, should have a soundtrack, and creates a doomy, atmospheric collection of tectonic guitar and bass instrumentals.

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