Ron Mist – Cycling

Support the Mr. Roboto Project and The Alignment Chapter by purchasing "Cycling," the debut single from Ron Mist (you may also know them as Dylly K from freak-folk outfit String Machine). Get down to some sweaty, infectious grooves in the comfort of your home, and enjoy the accompanying video (shot by David McCandless and featuring … Continue reading Ron Mist – Cycling

The Gotobeds – “Have You Checked The Tapes”/ “Blazing Sun of Youth”

Support Sisters PGH's COVID-19 relief efforts by purchasing The Gotobeds's early July release "Have You Checked The Tapes"/ "Blazing Sun of Youth," which contains two unreleased tracks from the Debt Begins At 30 sessions. True to form, the songs are ragged, jagged, and sardonic. ### ### ### Enjoy some Pittsburgh punk and help your community … Continue reading The Gotobeds – “Have You Checked The Tapes”/ “Blazing Sun of Youth”

Swampwalk – crushed

Purchase Swampwalk's new crushed EP to support Project T, Pittsburgh's Trans-Led Transitional Housing program, an initiative spearheaded by SisTers PGH. Check out some of the EP's wholesome chiptune goodness below: ### ### ### Purchase the EP here. Check out more from Swampwalk and follow on social media Some more information about Project T, as provided … Continue reading Swampwalk – crushed