Daily Yinz – Kinetic – Another Day

Kinetic are an ensemble, led by pianist Joe Sheehan, whose pieces weave together traditional Ghanaian folk songs and original chamber music. For Kinetic's most recent release, Dances of Lake Volta, Sheehan reworked a number of pieces from the group's 2018 album, Songs of Lake Volta, and then added several new ones for good measure. One … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Kinetic – Another Day

Steel City Death Club – Live @ SCDC Compilation #2

Purchase Steel City Death Club's latest live compilation to support the Mr. Roboto Project, one of Pittsburgh's most treasured DIY spaces. The pandemic continues to wear on artists and venues, so please consider helping to ensure that a pillar of the city's music community makes it through. The compilation itself contains hard-driving live performances from … Continue reading Steel City Death Club – Live @ SCDC Compilation #2

Helpin’ Aht x Roboto

Purchase the new Helpin' Aht! compilation to support the legendary Mr. Roboto Project, one of the city's most essential DIY spaces. The pandemic has been brutal for the arts community, so please consider helpin' aht (pun intended) to ensure that live music can come back strong once things open up. The compilation includes 21 tracks … Continue reading Helpin’ Aht x Roboto

IT IT – Two Squirrels Fighting Each Other at the End of the World

Purchase IT IT's Two Squirrels Fighting Each Other at the End of the World (awesome title, right?) to support SisTers PGH, which describes itself as "a BLACK and TRANS led non-profit organization that serves POC, trans, and nonbinary people within Southwestern PA." Two Squirrels, available in both cassette and digital format, contains eight tracks of … Continue reading IT IT – Two Squirrels Fighting Each Other at the End of the World

HughShows – Boogie on the Blue Line

Purchase HughShows's Boogie on the Blue Line album to support the Homeless Children's Education Fund, a nonprofit organization that seeks to support the educational needs of children experiencing homelessness in Allegheny County. Boogie is a compilation that features Pittsburgh artists covering songs by other Pittsburgh artists, so it's a true yinzfest. Check out some of … Continue reading HughShows – Boogie on the Blue Line

Ron Mist – Floor Have Mercy

Support the Mr. Roboto Project and The Alignment Chapter by purchasing “Floor Have Mercy,” the funky second single from emo-folkie-turned-DJ Ron Mist, whose primary musical goal is to get people moving without self-consciousness or fear. As it's put on the song, "Dancing is a mercy on human beings bound by necessity," so let Mist and their cast of guest … Continue reading Ron Mist – Floor Have Mercy

Samir Gangwani – Daisy Chain Mix

Check out Samir Gangwani's mix for Chicago's Daisychain podcast, a venture that seeks to "connect and develop a symbiotic network of trans, gender nonconforming people and women - from all backgrounds, both within and beyond the queer community." Gangwani's mix is stuffed to the brim with contorted rhythms, rapid-fire breakbeats, electronic blips, and disjointed snatches … Continue reading Samir Gangwani – Daisy Chain Mix

Blood Menace – Threat EP

Purchase Blood Menace's Threat EP to support Sisters PGH, a "transgender centered drop-in space, resource provider and shelter transitioning program based in Pittsburgh, PA" and 1Hood Media, a collective of socially conscious artists & activists who utilize art to raise awareness." Threat is a glitchy, rumbling deathcore effort from Shin Guard bassist Jake Yencik. It … Continue reading Blood Menace – Threat EP

The Mr. Roboto Project Benefit Compilation Vol. 4

The Don’t Let The Scene Go Down On Me! collective has organized another benefit album to support the one and only Mr. Roboto Project, one of Pittsburgh’s most indispensable DIY venues. COVID-19 is still happening even if some people ignore it, and who knows when we’ll be able to have the full live music experience again, so please … Continue reading The Mr. Roboto Project Benefit Compilation Vol. 4