Daily Yinz – Devon Osamu Tipp and Sarah Alice Steranka – Tokeru Reibo – 溶ける鈴慕

"Tokeru Reibo - 溶ける鈴慕," translated as "Yearning For The Molten Bell," is an experimental flute and piccolo piece composed by Devon Osamu Tipp and performed by Sarah Alice Steranka. The piece, whose sounds are meant to embody the process of melting a silver bell--still ringing--in a crucible, consists of layers of droning and fluttering flute … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Devon Osamu Tipp and Sarah Alice Steranka – Tokeru Reibo – 溶ける鈴慕


Daily Yinz – Farade – Crumbs!

Rapper Farade recently released Hopefully Things Change, an album containing seven tracks' worth of electrified bounce. The music on HTC is filled with abrasive electronic tones, muddy bass, and clipped, economical bars. "Crumbs!" is a celebration of Farade's humble origins; he's "come from the bottom where the crumbs be," but now he's making money with … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Farade – Crumbs!

Daily Yinz – Bossy – Cali Red

Rapper and producer Bossy released Bramble a few weeks back; the album is full of vivid wordplay, sumptuous beats, and seamlessly integrated features. "Cali Red" is borne along by a weathered, string-laden beat; its jittery violins and horn flourishes sound like something out of an old crime movie. If this is a Mafioso scene, Bossy … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Bossy – Cali Red

Daily Yinz – Gator Shakes – East Coast Fear

Gator Shakes are a metalcore band that puts on one hell of a loud show (god I miss live music); their latest album, Well, Hell, came out last Friday. The album opens with vocalist Jake Morgan barely clinging to the end of a fraying rope, screaming, a capella, "Push! West! Leave! This! East! Coast! Fear!" … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Gator Shakes – East Coast Fear

Daily Yinz – Sara Renberg – Mixtape

Sara Renberg returns with Butch Spring (Antiquated Future Records), her third collection of subtle, lyrically sharp indie-pop. "Mixtape" begins with a sighting of a former significant other through a yoga studio window; a bead of sweat trickling down this person's face does to Renberg what a madeleine did to Proust's Narrator, sending her into a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sara Renberg – Mixtape

Daily Yinz – SAMURAE – Cotton Candy Clouds

SAMURAE is an R&B artist who complements a powerful singing voice with dreamy arrangements. SAMURAE's latest single, "Cotton Candy Clouds," saunters and sashays like something out of 1950s Hollywood; call it Sunset Strip District. Tasteful lounge piano and echoing finger snaps back SAMURAE as she remembers one sweet night spent downtown with a significant other. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – SAMURAE – Cotton Candy Clouds

Daily Yinz – Elton Wong – Free Love Song

Elton Wong (who has also recorded as The Kowloon Corporation, HOME APPLIANCE SYSTEM, and Weather T.V.) dabbles in folk, vaporwave, spoken word, and more. The central track on the recently released Elton Wong's Free Love Single, the "Free Love Song" itself, hews closer to Daniel Johnston's brand of outsider sincerity than it does to the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Elton Wong – Free Love Song

Daily Yinz – Merz, Miller & the Wolves – The Wolf

The four-piece Merz, Miller & the Wolves round out a traditional rock sound with left-field instruments like banjo, flute, and clarinet. The group's most recent album, the aptly titled Wolf in Quarantine, opens with "The Wolf," a wanderlusty hoedown of a song that tells the tale of a restless Canis lupus. A circular banjo figure … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Merz, Miller & the Wolves – The Wolf

Daily Yinz – Saani Mac – WOAH

Driving While Black's Saani Mac recently released a boisterous single called "WOAH." Much like fellow DWB team member Livefromthecity's similarly-titled 2019 track, "WOAH" makes its presence known with subsonic bass and thunderous percussion. Saani is in a celebratory mood here, "wired up and fired up," brushing off the haters as they shamble and mill around … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Saani Mac – WOAH