Yearly Yinz 2021: Albums

Here we are, back at it again with some more Yearly Yinz action, this time for Bored In Pittsburgh’s favorite local albums of 2021, arranged chronologically. This is not a “best-of” list, but a collection of works that resonated especially deeply. As always, there were far too many excellent releases to include everything, but here … Continue reading Yearly Yinz 2021: Albums


Yearly Yinz 2021: Songs

Here it is: Bored In Pittsburgh's favorite local tracks from the past year, arranged in no particular order. You can check out this handy user's guide if you want to locate a specific track or artist. The option to move between pages is hiding at the bottom (below "related posts" and above "tags," I believe). … Continue reading Yearly Yinz 2021: Songs

Daily Yinz – Dewey Markie & BrothaMans – Life Is Good

Rappers Dewey Markie and BrothaMans run it back for the second installment of their Kin Folk EP series. The two emcees are natural teammates, working in tandem to create a spirited, aspirational tone that pervades Kin Folk II's eight tracks. There's a lot of striving happening here; Brotha and Dewey display a single-minded focus on … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Dewey Markie & BrothaMans – Life Is Good

Daily Yinz – KELS – Slow Ryde

KELS, the brassy-voiced singer/songwriter, will be performing her debut EP, Slow Ryde, this Friday at Millvale's Mr. Smalls. The EP's title track is a mellow, R&B-tinged bounce that sees KELS address a significant other who, even when feelings run cold in the midst of turmoil, is able to "pull me in, make me feel again." … Continue reading Daily Yinz – KELS – Slow Ryde

Daily Yinz – SUREFIRE – Vagabond

SUREFIRE are a trio fronted by the powerful pipes of Natalie Flango. They recently released "Vagabond" in advance of their upcoming album, On Borrowed Time. "Vagabond" is a no-frills rocker that alternately seethes and soars as it waves goodbye to a "lover, leaver, heartbreaker, vagabond," a person who professes devotion, but "won't be here in … Continue reading Daily Yinz – SUREFIRE – Vagabond

Daily Yinz – Corrine Jasmin – Missed Connections

Although she may currently reside in New York, multimedia artist Corrine Jasmin has strong Pittsburgh ties, having been a fixture in the city's creative community before relocating. Jasmin's debut EP, Fever Dream Insomniac (released in November), explores themes of reckoning--with self, with grief, with love--through an immersive blend of spoken word, hip-hop, and electronic styles. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Corrine Jasmin – Missed Connections

Daily Yinz – Anti-Corn League – Caroline No Revisited

The "weirdo-rockers" of Anti-Corn League craft twangy, lo-fi tunes; they released their latest EP, Ghosts, last month. Bob Dylan revisited Highway 61, a stretch of road that runs from Minnesota to Louisiana; now, Anti-Corn League revisit "Caroline No," a mournful Beach Boys lullaby. Not to say that this is a cover (it doesn't bare a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Anti-Corn League – Caroline No Revisited

Daily Yinz – Arsinel x Yorel Tifsim – FARFETCHED

Arsinel and Yorel Tifsim, two of the city's most hypnotic hip-hop artists, team up for STRICTLY4THEBUGOUTS. Arsinel handles the album's production, while Tifsim contributes pitched-down raps and voiceovers. Arsinel's instrumentals are short on percussion and long on velvety atmosphere, unfurling slowly like puffs of cigar smoke across a backroom poker table, and Tifsim's dazed musings, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Arsinel x Yorel Tifsim – FARFETCHED