Daily Yinz – KELS – Slow Ryde

KELS, the brassy-voiced singer/songwriter, will be performing her debut EP, Slow Ryde, this Friday at Millvale’s Mr. Smalls.

The EP’s title track is a mellow, R&B-tinged bounce that sees KELS address a significant other who, even when feelings run cold in the midst of turmoil, is able to “pull me in, make me feel again.” As usual, the vibrations that issue forth from KELS’s larynx are closer to an elemental force than they are to a voice; pitched somewhere between the bright ring of a trumpet and the yowl of a jazzy wildcat, they coil around the song’s light keys and clipped percussion like one of Aaliyah’s snakes. Fittingly, on “Slow Ryde,” KELS is also looking for a resolution with her person, and gently urges, “let’s go slow,” suggesting that there’s plenty of time to smooth things over. Enjoy the song along with some roller skating in the accompanying video, created by CHP Studios.

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