Daily Yinz – Arsinel x Yorel Tifsim – FARFETCHED

Arsinel and Yorel Tifsim, two of the city’s most hypnotic hip-hop artists, team up for STRICTLY4THEBUGOUTS.

Arsinel handles the album’s production, while Tifsim contributes pitched-down raps and voiceovers. Arsinel’s instrumentals are short on percussion and long on velvety atmosphere, unfurling slowly like puffs of cigar smoke across a backroom poker table, and Tifsim’s dazed musings, full of imagery that runs the gamut from heady to hedonistic, glide effortlessly overtop. “FARFETCHED,” an especially languid cut built around hissing cymbals and glimmering bells, interpolates a Lovin’ Spoonful hook in service of scenes both sumptuous (“Her queen size bed set is scarlet/Her phone was ringing off of the hook, she laughed and ignored it […] Lit the herb from Portland/Flavorful like cuisine in Florence”) and sagelike (“Living a legendary life considered mythical/Navigating this earth with a mental full of principles”). It hits like a sip of aged whiskey, smooth yet bold.

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Check out more from Yorel Tifsim and follow on Instagram


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