Daily Yinz – Dewey Markie & BrothaMans – Life Is Good

Rappers Dewey Markie and BrothaMans run it back for the second installment of their Kin Folk EP series.

The two emcees are natural teammates, working in tandem to create a spirited, aspirational tone that pervades Kin Folk II‘s eight tracks. There’s a lot of striving happening here; Brotha and Dewey display a single-minded focus on the future, staying up all night, recording at a frantic pace, and generally grinding toward better things, both for themselves and for family and friends. They make sure to honor their roots, though, with tracks like “Life Is Good,” a sunny, melodic victory lap. Emphatic keyboard plinks punctuate bars that touch on mental health, neighborhood memories, and the joy of laughing in haters’ faces. Dewie drops his musical thesis statement early on (“Leaving behind a legacy so that people can say/’He wasn’t just a artist, he was an agent of change'”) before acting as a conduit between past and future generations, emulating his father’s sturdiness and his mother’s fire for his own daughter. Brotha then drops in for a celebratory verse (“They always said I was doing the most/Because of the most, I’ll be sharing a toast”) that peaks with a bout of auto-tuned crowing (“Life is gooooooood”) that sounds like pure euphoria. Like the tree on the EP’s cover, the two artists just keep growing.

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