Daily Yinz – Lucid Vizions – Notice Me (ft. Moo Wupp)

Pittsburgh Out for Duckets Entertainment has a knack for summer romance tunes, with singer/rapper Lucid Vizions's "Notice Me" representing another breezy entry in the label's catalogue. Anyone who's ever had a crush on another person will feel this song, because it pines harder than a Christmas tree farm (terrible pun, I know). An understated instrumental … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lucid Vizions – Notice Me (ft. Moo Wupp)

Daily Yinz – Tim Vitullo – Monongahela Valley

Pittsburgh artist Tim Vitullo responded to a protracted, expensive period of studio doldrums by stripping down and freeing up his sound, resulting in an album called Running out of Time. At heart, Running out of Time is a road record. Over the course of its runtime, Vitullo repeatedly finds himself in the car, his radio … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Tim Vitullo – Monongahela Valley

Daily Yinz – Pet Zebra – Still Here

Pittsburgh rapper Pet Zebra teamed up with producer Hungerforcebeats for his June mixtape, Still Here. Already a master of banter-heavy hedonism, Zebra takes a wearier, more reflective route on the project's title track. Backed by a languid instrumental pulled straight from a smoke-filled daydream, the rapper surveys the past decade in his mental rearview, proudly … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Pet Zebra – Still Here

Daily Yinz – Katie Dee & the Quaking Aspens – Lunatic Lighthouse

Katie Dee and her gothic Americana outfit, the Quaking Aspens, release quirky, homespun murder ballads, the latest collection of which, From the Sea, features watery graves and aquatic creatures. After I saw Robert Eggers's depraved black & white psych-horror film The Lighthouse (starring Edward Cullen and the Green Goblin) in December, I went to a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Katie Dee & the Quaking Aspens – Lunatic Lighthouse

Bored In Pittsburgh June 2020 Playlist

A playlist containing some of the songs featured on Bored In Pittsburgh last month. Shorter than usual, but all great stuff. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/50hWOfRBjIjM0kDALze80p?si=r4KnP7CxRRSDdoJg93pLUw June 2020 songs that aren’t on Spotify (and where to find them) Saani Mac - Backbreaker Box Head - I Don't Have White Privilege I'm Allergic To Peanuts Blasted Athwart - Protect and … Continue reading Bored In Pittsburgh June 2020 Playlist

Daily Yinz – Samurai Velvet – Siren

Samurai Velvet are a Pittsburgh duo, comprising singer Saige Smith and producer Joe Chilcott, whose debut single, "Siren," dropped last week. The slinky track slowly unfurls itself from murky, bass-filled depths (much like the sirens of Homeric mythology rose, tantalizing, from the sea), gradually adding layers of austere percussion as it builds to its hook, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Samurai Velvet – Siren

Daily Yinz – King Catfish – Neptune Street

King Catfish are a Pittsburgh rock trio whose Americancer album dropped on July 3rd. The jittery "Neptune Street" is chock full of nervous, check-over-your-shoulder guitar riffs that close in like the walls of a paranoid fever dream. Frontman Jordan Barone, in full cold-sweat mode, frantically yelps, "Lately/I've seen/Some strange things/Some strange me's," like he's been … Continue reading Daily Yinz – King Catfish – Neptune Street

Daily Yinz – Nicole Mitchell and Lisa E. Harris – Ownness

Chicago avant-garde flautist and composer Nicole Mitchell, who joined the University of Pittsburgh last year as Director of Jazz Studies, unites with Houston composer and multi-instrumentalist Lisa E. Harris for the album EarthSeed, inspired by the works of science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler. EarthSeed's music is a lively, freeform sprawl of jazz, chamber music, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Nicole Mitchell and Lisa E. Harris – Ownness

Daily Yinz – Drauve – LMK

Pittsburgh dream-pop duo Drauve returns with the rippling slow dance lament "LMK." The shimmering, kaleidoscopic textures that characterized Drauve's 2019 output are still there, but those crystalline guitars and ambling, late-summer-stroll-around-the-neighborhood drums have been mostly replaced by warm synth programming pulled straight from Napoleon Dynamite's prom playlist. A four-on-the-floor beat, coated in pastel-colored, fog machine … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Drauve – LMK