Support Pittsburgh's Bukit Bail Fund by purchasing BUK THE SYSTEM, an experimental electronic compilation album organized by Encaustic. Some of the area's wonkiest, glitchiest, trippiest, and downright bizarrest (not a word, I know) sonic alchemists contribute. Check out some of the tunes below: ### ### ### ### ### Included with the album is some background … Continue reading BUK THE SYSTEM


Ali Berger – Direct Experience

Purchase Ali Berger's Direct Experience to support the National Council For Incarcerated And Formerly Incarcerated Women And Girls. The album is a series of improvised, minimally overdubbed synth excursions, featuring shifting layers of rhythms that hiss, splash, whir, and click like a sonic Rube Goldberg contraption. Check out some tunes below and follow the link … Continue reading Ali Berger – Direct Experience

Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Enough

Psychedelic blues guitarist/producer Leila Rhodes supports Pittsburgh's Bukit Bail Fund with her single "Enough." The track is just over two minutes long, its sense of anger filtered through a weary haze. Over a steady drumbeat and a sea of vocal overdubs, accented by the occasional, scorching guitar lick, Rhodes calls out the police officers who … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Enough

Burnt-feathers – I keep my visions to myself

Help the Bukit Bail Fund (which describes itself as “a coalition of individuals supporting those incarcerated in Allegheny County Jail”) by purchasing I keep my visions to myself, an album released on the Orb Tapes label by Pittsburgh-based harsh noise project Burnt-feathers. The album is a punishing, discordant exploration of trauma, psychosis, and isolation. Overwhelming sheets of noise … Continue reading Burnt-feathers – I keep my visions to myself