Support Pittsburgh’s Bukit Bail Fund by purchasing BUK THE SYSTEM, an experimental electronic compilation album organized by Encaustic. Some of the area’s wonkiest, glitchiest, trippiest, and downright bizarrest (not a word, I know) sonic alchemists contribute. Check out some of the tunes below:






Included with the album is some background about the Bukit Bail Fund:

Frank “Bukit” Smart Jr. (photo from Bukit Fail Fund website)

The Bukit Bail Fund of Pittsburgh was founded in honor of Frank “Bukit” Smart Jr., beloved brother, father of seven, and grandfather, who was needlessly killed at Allegheny County Jail when guards denied him medication and forcibly restrained him while he experienced a seizure. He was detained pre-trial, and had not been convicted of any crime. We stand with the Bukit Bail Fund’s demand to end cash bail, pre-trial detention, and the entire prison-industrial complex.

The following statistics can be found on the Bail Fund’s website:

  • 75% of the people in Allegheny County Jail have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse or mental health issues. 48% have both.
  • ACJ has the second highest rate of suicides across the 50 largest US jails.
  • 81% of inmates have not been convicted of any crime.
  • In 2015, ACJ had twice the national death rate of US Jails.
  • Historically, deaths at ACJ occur in the first few days of arrival.

The US “justice” system is anything but, as it is structured to perpetuate the criminalization and incarceration of black, brown, poor, and otherwise marginalized people. Please put your music-purchasing dollar toward the fight for true justice by buying BUK THE SYSTEM.


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