Daily Discovery-Leek Lone-MINDBODYSPIRIT

Today's find comes from the newly released blackboyfromaroundtheway by local Pittsburgh rapper Leek Lone. "MINDBODYSPIRIT" is an introspective, contemplative track, with lyrics touching on themes of family, violence, and systemic inequality. There are some really striking images and sentiments laid out on this one; Leek conjures the spectre of death at several points throughout the … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Leek Lone-MINDBODYSPIRIT


Undermining Expertise — A Q+A With the DIY Southern Rockers of Case Sensitive

Case Sensitive One of the first songs featured by Bored In Pittsburgh was "Count Your Blessings," a track from the recently released Twin EP (Bull City Records) by the excellent North Carolina/Georgia trio Case Sensitive. The band displays incredible range on the album, mixing sludgy guitar riffs with skyscraping vocals and the odd synth slow-burner. … Continue reading Undermining Expertise — A Q+A With the DIY Southern Rockers of Case Sensitive

Daily Listen-John Coltrane-Psalm

I listened to today's song while speedwalking back from the office to my apartment, trying to make it home before I got caught in a massive downpour like I did yesterday. In a way, the moody "Psalm," the closing track from saxophonist John Coltrane's 1965 classic A Love Supreme, mirrored the Pittsburgh weather. Elvin Jones's … Continue reading Daily Listen-John Coltrane-Psalm

Daily Discovery-Paradot-Rocksalt

Today's find, "Rocksalt," the first single from the upcoming Vain Zanni Cave (Black Mountain Airport) by Los Angeles experimental artist Paradot, clocks in at just under three minutes, but feels much longer due to the sheer amount of sonic variety packed into the song's runtime. Things kick off on a disorienting note with a tinny, … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Paradot-Rocksalt

Guest Post From Bored In Pittsburgh-Destroyer Of Light-Falling Star

Guest post for the excellent Pittsburgh Music Magazine: give them a follow!

Pittsburgh Music Magazine

Austin, TX’s Destroyer Of Light are a group that ties the past to the present, merging the crushing instrumentals of modern day doom with the soaring vocals and guitar solos of classic metal acts like Dio. One look at the dramatic, mythologic artwork for the newly released Mors Aeterna (Argonauta Records), and it’s clear that the members of this band have a real soft spot for the 80’s.

Hell, the riff that opens album opener “Falling Star” is downright bluesy, like Stevie Ray Vaughn playing a flaming guitar at the gates of the underworld while the three-headed dog Cerberus prowls behind him. Frontman Steve Colca sounds like a slightly more intelligible Brent Hinds (of Mastodon fame), and, come to think of it, the sludgy, stoner metal vibe the group conjures on this song does kind of remind me of a less proggy take on that classic Atlanta band’s sound.


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Daily Discovery-Hannah Robinson-Endless Street

Today's find, "Endless Street," is a real weeper of a power ballad by the London-based singer/songwriter Hannah Robinson, the first release off her upcoming album (also called Endless Street). A tale of long-lost/unrequited love, it begins with lazily strummed acoustic guitar chords unfurling behind Robinson's smoky vocals and builds from there, backing instruments gradually joining … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Hannah Robinson-Endless Street

Daily Discovery-Blossom-Career Suicide

Today's find, "Career Suicide," is a single released from the upcoming album Maybe by Portland, OR singer Blossom. The best word I can use to describe this song is "elusive." it seems to float weightlessly in space and feels longer than it actually is; you kind of get lost in the song without ever truly … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Blossom-Career Suicide