Daily Discovery-Hannah Robinson-Endless Street

Today’s find, “Endless Street,” is a real weeper of a power ballad by the London-based singer/songwriter Hannah Robinson, the first release off her upcoming album (also called Endless Street). A tale of long-lost/unrequited love, it begins with lazily strummed acoustic guitar chords unfurling behind Robinson’s smoky vocals and builds from there, backing instruments gradually joining in, with Scott McKeon’s electric guitar providing both smoldering, muscular chords and hazy, country-tinged accents. I especially like an instrumental passage near the end of the song during which a fog of effects-laden melodies appears (I’m honestly not sure if they’re heavily treated slide guitars, synths, or what) and coalesces into what sounds like two long-lost David Gilmour guitar solos simultaneously beamed through time via some warped, alien frequency. Robinson ends the song with, “If you ever reappear/I’ll be waiting here for you,” which is a nice, lonely sentiment to start off this Wednesday. Despite its status as a tearjerker, “Endless Street” was a welcome find this morning; think Mazzy Star being fronted by Adele. If you like either or both of those artists, this one is for you. Meanwhile, I’ll be weeping into my coffee.

More from Hannah Robinson: https://hannahrobinson.bandcamp.com/


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