Daily Discovery-Paradot-Rocksalt

Today’s find, “Rocksalt,” the first single from the upcoming Vain Zanni Cave (Black Mountain Airport) by Los Angeles experimental artist Paradot, clocks in at just under three minutes, but feels much longer due to the sheer amount of sonic variety packed into the song’s runtime. Things kick off on a disorienting note with a tinny, seemingly straightforward 4/4 beat; only after listening closely do you realize that the beat’s “2” is hitting a split second early (or is the “4” a tiny bit late??). You’re already losing your mind trying to figure it out, and the track is only 30 seconds old, so you kind of know what you’re in for. The rest of “Rocksalt” is a tale of two halves; one a manic whirlwind of submerged computer blips and reversed synth washes, like the Chemical Brothers being dissolved in actual chemicals, and the other an extended outro featuring pillowy cymbals, ricocheting organ pings, and warped vocal samples, basically Boards of Canada doing the boogie in a California cave. A fantastical, creative, and downright strange listen for this cloudy Thursday.

Check out more from Paradot: https://parad0t.bandcamp.com/

More from Black Mountain Airport: https://blackmountainairport.bandcamp.com/


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