Daily Discovery-Blossom-Career Suicide

Today’s find, “Career Suicide,” is a single released from the upcoming album Maybe by Portland, OR singer Blossom. The best word I can use to describe this song is “elusive.” it seems to float weightlessly in space and feels longer than it actually is; you kind of get lost in the song without ever truly touching it, if my vague, metaphorical language there makes any sense. Blossom’s sighing voice hangs suspended in a cloud of jazzy, chopped-up piano chords, classical guitar flourishes, and skittering percussion. The central refrain of the song, which sounds like “I ran full speed into a starship,” has already lodged itself in my brain and circles there as I’m typing this, even though the snippet is not traditionally “catchy.” Despite the track’s somewhat cryptic lyrics, a sense of escapist fantasy, a desire to leave earthly demands behind, becomes apparent when considering Blossom’s weary plea of “I’m tired of trying out here/I’m dying out here/Will you let me get on board?”. It makes sense that the song would have a remote, alien quality when taking the lyrics and title into account; leaving Portland in a starship certainly would be career suicide for a burgeoning artist. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album upon release.

More from Blossom: https://blossomblossom.bandcamp.com/


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