Daily Listen-Bark Psychosis-The Loom

Today’s listen is “The Loom,” the opening track from the classic 1994 album Hex by London group Bark Psychosis. Hex has become famous because it was the first album to be dubbed post-rock (a classification which has since gone on to be synonymous with groups like Explosions In The Sky, aka the Friday Night Lights band). Outside that somewhat arbitrary distinction, Hex is an incredible album, one that took rock music and distilled it into something delicate and beautiful. “The Loom” is a true team effort, opening on an almost classical note with Daniel Gish’s elegant piano and subtle strings in the background courtesy of the Duke Quartet, later complemented by Graham Sutton’s breathy, slightly off-key vocals (which can be compared favorably to those of Ride’s Andy Bell); the band eventually strips the track down to a minimalist, extended, trip-hoppy coda, all woozy bass and percolating percussion. The effect is hypnotic. It’s easy to label Hex as “the first post-rock album,” but I’ve truly heard nothing like it before.

Listen to more Bark Psychosis: https://barkpsychosis.bandcamp.com/

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