Daily Discovery 10.31.19

Andrea Crestani - Lost In Space As far as I know, "Lost In Space," from the new Earthly EP (Echolette/Echoe) by England's Andrea Crestani, was not inspired by the 60's sci-fi sitcom. The track is a rush of galactic synth tones, bouncing tech bass, and trancelike beats. Listen while staring intently at the album's colorfully … Continue reading Daily Discovery 10.31.19


Daily Yinz-Tribe Eternal x NVSV-Mysterious Shit

A few weeks ago, the Tribe Eternal and NVSV released the video for "Local Celebrity," the first single from their collaborative album Mysterious Shit. The full project is out today, and it's a good one. I was having trouble picking just one track from Mysterious Shit to highlight, so I'm going to discuss the work … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Tribe Eternal x NVSV-Mysterious Shit

Daily Yinz-Brazilian Wax-Otherside

Brazilian Wax were a Pittsburgh trio whose music sounded like it came straight out of the 90's-era Pacific Northwest grunge and riot grrrl scenes. The band played its final show at 2019's Ladyfest, held back in September. Before disbanding after a successful seven-year run, Brazilian Wax released the album Still Rippin' in late September. It's … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Brazilian Wax-Otherside

Daily Yinz-WEIRD SAD MYSTERY-underneath lavender town

WEIRD SAD MYSTERY is a prolific underground instrumentalist from Pittsburgh, whose recent release, midnight summer themes, is their fifth of 2019. Lavender Town refers to two places: a very real DIY music venue in Pittsburgh and a fictional locale that can be visited in some of the original Pokemon video games. The 8-bit Lavender Town … Continue reading Daily Yinz-WEIRD SAD MYSTERY-underneath lavender town

Daily Yinz-Chariot Fade-Mirror Go Round

Chariot Fade is a newly formed Pittsburgh group, a trio of masterminds (formerly of Delicious Pastries) that mashes up styles to create a colorful collage of pop music. Chariot Fade has four songs available on Bandcamp, and the only image associated with the group is a Pop Art rendering of a person's face gazing bashfully … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Chariot Fade-Mirror Go Round