Daily Discovery 10.24.19

Leem Lizzy – passers by

It’s so easy to find bad beat tapes online that it’s almost shocking to come across something fresh. Atlanta, GA’s Leem Lizzy has delivered with his latest release, Butter Trilogy Pt. 1. The album’s intro is named after legendary bebop drummer Max Roach, so it’s only fitting that the music contained within has the fresh, organic feel of a jazz record. “Passers by” uses a J Dilla-esque, off-kilter drum cadence, lush strings, and some vocal samples to create a rich atmosphere that could easily induce bouts of freestyling in those so inclined. Stands perfectly strongly on its own, too.

Good Gestalt – Chum

Good Gestalt are a four piece band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, whose newly released Demo has some gloriously surreal artwork (courtesy of one Dylan Caeser). The music is pretty awesome, too. “Chum,” a heartfelt ode to deep interpersonal connection, features frontwoman Ariela Gwendi urging another person, “Please never stop pouring your thoughts into me,” and “Plant your mind into mine,” while moody guitar chords loom behind her. Interestingly, the promise of spiritual commingling is shaded by uncertainty, as Gwendi colors optimistic sentiments with qualifiers like “I think” and “I hope.” This hint of doubt adds a melancholy dimension to the track and fleshes it out nicely. A strong debut from a promising band.

aimaiishitsu – Take Away From Dawn

“Take Away From Dawn,” the opening track from In Contrast To Altered Reality, a new release from Seattle, Wa’s aimaiishitsu, is a breakcore sugar rush full of chintzy, chipmunked vocal samples, grimy bass, and rapid fire percussion. The BPM on this one has got to be off the charts; listen and be violently swept away in a brightly colored cartoon maelstrom.


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