Daily Yinz-Chariot Fade-Mirror Go Round

Chariot Fade is a newly formed Pittsburgh group, a trio of masterminds (formerly of Delicious Pastries) that mashes up styles to create a colorful collage of pop music.

Chariot Fade has four songs available on Bandcamp, and the only image associated with the group is a Pop Art rendering of a person’s face gazing bashfully to the side, a psychedelic cipher. It feels like the group’s music emerged, fully-formed, from the depths of the internet, pinching off a bit of lounge schmaltz here, some house beats there, a little new wave, and a heaping dose of synth pop to top it all off. “Mirror Go Round,” found on the group’s new release, Mirror Go Round/Arbiter Of Knives, rides an insistent, four-on-the-floor beat through a funhouse of syncopated funk guitars and squiggly synth streamers. Frontman Jonathan Chamberlain sings of “Polygons sleeping in the sheets,” before offering the benediction, “Let there be hope and also peace.” Near the end of the track, the music fades down to the heartbeat of a pulsing kick drum, before a bass flourish leads into a rapturous coda complete with some of the best ba-ba-ba backing vocals I’ve heard in a while. “Mirror Go Round” is an ecstatically trippy dance party filled with colorful geomatric shapes, a dash of sweaty anxiety, and, ultimately, good vibes for all.

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