Daily Yinz-WEIRD SAD MYSTERY-underneath lavender town

WEIRD SAD MYSTERY is a prolific underground instrumentalist from Pittsburgh, whose recent release, midnight summer themes, is their fifth of 2019.

Lavender Town refers to two places: a very real DIY music venue in Pittsburgh and a fictional locale that can be visited in some of the original Pokemon video games. The 8-bit Lavender Town has accumulated its fair share of mythology over the years, mostly centered on the creepy music that plays while your character explores the drab terrain. Don’t listen for too long, or you might lose your mind and/or die; something to do with binaural beats that infiltrate and ravage your braaaaiiin…

Obviously, the theory is fake, but the music is pretty spooky, a chiptune dirge that mourns the dead Pokemon buried within Lavender Town. WEIRD SAD MYSTERY’s “underneath lavender town” taps into the same sense of low-tech dread. The track is a grainy jumble of haphazard beats, dramatic chords, and wailing vocals, pierced relentlessly by a tinny synth loop. I don’t think the Lavender Town soundtrack itself is sampled, but the atmosphere created here acts as a kind of spiritual cousin to the original; let’s just say that I would not listen to this one while walking alone at night. “underneath lavender town” is an appropriately eerie song to kick off Halloweek.

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