Daily Yinz-LKHD-Sherbert Sky

LKHD (short for Langston Kelly Human DJ) uses his improvisational skills to create single-tracked, downtempo jams on the fly. You can also find him contributing horns and vocals to Pittsburgh funkers Starship Mantis. The name Langston Kelly Human DJ sounds like a moniker that an alien would adopt in a pinch if it were trying … Continue reading Daily Yinz-LKHD-Sherbert Sky


Daily Yinz – Skeletons Need T-Shirts – 16

AFK, a new release from Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Skeletons Need T-Shirts, lays bare some serious heartbreak, a lonely voice accompanied by an even lonelier acoustic guitar. The track "16" (along with the rest of the album) combines the melancholic, sometimes bleak musings of Cat Power with the sheepish, homespun delivery of the Moldy Peaches' Kimya Dawson … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Skeletons Need T-Shirts – 16

Daily Yinz-Black Moth Super Rainbow-Rollerdisco

I've been dealing with a nasty cold the past few days, which has sapped me of my creative energy and writing ability. While I recover, please enjoy the song "Rollerdisco," by Pittsburgh psych legends Black Moth Super Rainbow. The song's woozy synths and distorted vocal hums mirror the head-in-a-bubble experience of being sick. Should be … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Black Moth Super Rainbow-Rollerdisco

Daily Yinz-Short Fictions-Really Like You

Short Fictions are a Pittsburgh band whose sound draws from Midwest emo's signature blend of musical complexity and heart-on-the-sleeve sensitivity. "Really Like You" is the first single released from Short Fictions' upcoming album, Fates Worse Than Death, due out in mid-December. The track brims with feelings both wholesome and anguished; schoolboy crush sentiments like, "I … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Short Fictions-Really Like You

Daily Discovery 10.15.19

True Moon-Poison Sweden's True Moon delivers a furious blast of moody post-punk energy with "Poison," one of the first singles from the band's upcoming album II (Lövely Records). Overtop a relentless, Joy Division-on-speed instrumental, Karolina Engdahl seethes and glowers, sounding like one of the goth greats of yore when she yells, "I've got a volcano … Continue reading Daily Discovery 10.15.19

Daily Yinz-Flower Crown-Bender Szn (Live in Church)

Flower Crown is a Pittsburgh dream-pop outfit whose album Sundries was released earlier this year to much acclaim. The band recently recorded a take of the song "Bender Szn" in an empty church in the South Hills. One of the qualities of dream-pop/shoegaze music that draws people to the style with such cult-like adoration is … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Flower Crown-Bender Szn (Live in Church)

Life In Music Form – A Q+A With Erika Laing of Pittsburgh Art Rockers Working Breed

Working Breed is a Pittsburgh art rock collective that embellishes its driving rock 'n' roll tunes with esoteric and intellectual accents like insect noises and plant magnetic fields. Their song "Cicada" was previously covered by Bored In Pittsburgh. Frontwoman Erika Laing was kind enough to share her thoughts about the band, its music, and the … Continue reading Life In Music Form – A Q+A With Erika Laing of Pittsburgh Art Rockers Working Breed

Daily Yinz-Vegetable Head/Noah Nine-Untitled A5

Last week, Bored In Pittsburgh featured the track "Digging 2 China" by Son Of None, an early 2000's duo whose album, Blizzard of '77, was released for the first time this September. It turns out that its unveiling was inspired by tragedy; Son Of None's mastermind, Noah Nine, passed away in late August, and a … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Vegetable Head/Noah Nine-Untitled A5

Daily Discovery 10.09.19

Madison McFerrin-TRY On the song "TRY," from the upcoming album You + I, Brooklyn singer/songwriter Madison McFerrin could be speaking to a significant other, a friend, her listeners, or herself when she sings, "We should fly/Take a leap of faith/It's time to decide." Overtop a quietly insistent house beat and some barely-there instrumentation, McFerrin lays … Continue reading Daily Discovery 10.09.19