Weekly Wrap-Up 01.28.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week. ### Connie Roses - ADOBO Warm, lush hip-hop, in which sentiments of growth, gratefulness, and grace flow between measures like water through an irrigation channel, feeding the first shoots of green in a field that's long laid fallow. More from Connie … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up 01.28.22


Daily Yinz – Hardo x Deezlee – Depend on Me

Hardo and Deezlee, who make up one of Pittsburgh hip-hop's most formidable partnerships, deliver a painfully honest reflection on the carceral system. "Depend on Me," inspired directly by the two artists' life experiences, takes the form of a back-and-forth between close friends--one locked up and the other free. Backed by plucked acoustic guitar and ghostly … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Hardo x Deezlee – Depend on Me

Daily Yinz – Pat Coyle – Glimmer of Gordon

Pat Coyle posits his latest album, Relic of a Rift, as a series of snapshots into the lonely, disconnected lives of alternate selves. Relic retains the melancholy of Coyle's previous releases, but sends his sorrow spinning onto a dimly-lit dance floor in a flurry of blipping electronic beats. "Glimmer of Gordon," which contrasts breezy acoustic … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Pat Coyle – Glimmer of Gordon

Daily Yinz – Ramon Yancey – Empathy

Motormouthed rapper Ramon Yancey returns with something even more DIY than a mixtape: a SoundCloud playlist called Okaywein. Ever since I heard Yancey annihilating beats on "Haunting" (a 2019 collaboration with Shamar), he's reminded me of André 3000. It's not an exact one-to-one (I don't even know if Yancey has been to Atlanta before), but … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Ramon Yancey – Empathy

Daily Yinz – Short Fictions – Don’t Start A Band

Newly signed to SoCal's Lauren Records, Short Fictions return with a tale about the perils of being Short Fictions. "Don't Start A Band" forgoes the twinkling complexity and climate doomsaying of 2019's Fates Worse Than Death in favor of chunky power chords, self-deprecation, and hooks, glorious hooks. Not content to simply lasso the ears with … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Short Fictions – Don’t Start A Band

Daily Yinz – Sunday Saari – Signal

Sunday Saari is a Carnegie Mellon student who takes a theatrical approach to pop music. After dropping a series of singles over the past few years, Saari recently released an EP called Signal, which contains four sweeping ballads of love and loss. String and pedal steel flourishes elevate the standard guitar and piano combination to … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sunday Saari – Signal

Daily Yinz – HUBBS – Solar Rishi (feat. Shad Ali)

HUBBS's latest project, Winston Zeddemoore, contains his usual array of intricate wordplay, with bars interlocking like pieces in an astral puzzle. While Zeddemoore may be named after an everyman who famously signed on to bust ghosts in 1984, the album sees HUBBS bust rhymes instead. There aren't a ton of features on here, but when … Continue reading Daily Yinz – HUBBS – Solar Rishi (feat. Shad Ali)

Daily Yinz – Water Trash – The Mission

Water Trash return with another dose of funhouse garage rock, released in advance of their upcoming album, The Trash is Always Greener. "The Mission," a which came out in December, sounds like theme music for a TV show that centers on a seemingly average college student super spy whose job it is to infiltrate frats … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Water Trash – The Mission