Introducing: Weekly Wrap-Up

Oh boy!

This site started out of personal necessity after I moved to Pittsburgh because I had no friends and nothing to do when I got home from work except to shame-binge Friends and get hunted by my cat. I still have no friends, and my cat still hunts me, but Bored In Pittsburgh has led to other writing opportunities (shouts out to Melted Magazine, The Pittsburgher, Better Culture, Weird Smells, and soon LOCALpittsburgh), and has also inspired me to get back in the college game and take a writing class at Pitt this spring. This all could mean less time for Bored In Pittsburgh, so in order to make sure that as many local artists as possible are getting their due, BIP will be doing a Weekly Wrap-Up on Fridays (in addition to a few Daily Yinzes still happening throughout the week) with just a few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot (not necessarily released in the last week).

Here goes:


ROWDY – Surfing

Jack Swing-affiliated trio sculpts tumultuous guitar chaos into high energy psych-rock that features rubber ball bass and updated Dick Dale licks.

More from Rowdy

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kondracki – Meet the Weirdo

Dusty, crusty beatsmith introduces us, through samples and sound collages, to “The Weirdo,” a character who rambles everywhere, bopping to boom-bap, but fits in nowhere.

More from kondracki


Morse Code Band – Dying Embers

Dronemongers deliver a swelling, 12-minute epic inspired by a PA ghost town that has literally been on fire since 1962.

More from Morse Code Band

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