Daily Yinz – Kremmy Six Saucin, Diarra Imani, Old Fish, Treble NLS, JKJ, Charlie Slum – Empty Space Cypher

The Empty Space Project is a musical endeavor whose goal is to "make something out of nothing." The project's creators invite artists to perform, often a capella, in unusual places like abandoned buildings, barren stairwells, and zen gardens. Recently, a number of rising Pittsburgh rappers met up for Empty Space's first ever cypher, each artist … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Kremmy Six Saucin, Diarra Imani, Old Fish, Treble NLS, JKJ, Charlie Slum – Empty Space Cypher

Daily Yinz – Livefromthecity x Feralcat – Tyler

Rapper Livefromthecity and saxophonist (and flautist, too, I suppose) Feralcat join forces on the new single, "Tyler." On this one, Livefromthecity lays down extended Odd Future metaphors ("I think I'm Tyler/'Cuz I got a gang of wolves/And growing up I was a bastard) and gleefully menacing boasts ("We came to vibe/Have a good time/The weapon … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Livefromthecity x Feralcat – Tyler

Daily Yinz – Julia Capuzzi – N.Y.C.

Julia Capuzzi is a singer/songwriter who splits time between Pittsburgh and Boston; her debut EP, Simple Minds, dropped a few weeks back. Take a cup of Norah Jones's sleepy, sophisticated coffee shop-jazz-pop and drop a synthy Alka-Seltzer into its depths, instilling the soothing brew with a subtle electronic fizz. Boom: you've got the music on … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Julia Capuzzi – N.Y.C.

Daily Yinz – Andrew Muse – Hard

Andrew Muse is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter whose art-pop compositions are both irreverent and heartfelt. This past Friday, Muse released Interluder, the follow-up to last summer's excellent Smoker's Row. Interluder opens with "Hard," a song that draws its strength from the empty spaces that Muse allows to stretch out between tangled scrabbles of acoustic guitar. Muse … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Andrew Muse – Hard

Daily Yinz – Merce Lemon – Moon Shots

Merce Lemon is a Pittsburgh indie-folker whose first two EPs are being reissued in March (along with some bonus material) on the Crafted Sounds label under the title Ride Every Day. Ride Every Day's lead single, "Moon Shots," was originally included on Crafted Sounds's April 2019 Bridges compilation. It's an aching lo-fi ballad that glows … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Merce Lemon – Moon Shots

Daily Yinz – Brionnabae – Boss $h!t

Brionnabae is a Pittsburgh singer whose latest single, "Boss $h!t," dropped last week. The track is a self-assured statement of independence, delivered over vaporous synth and boisterous bass. Using clipped bursts of staccato rap-singing, Brionna lays out her romantic situation with a dude who "owns a couple businesses" and wants to "take care of my … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Brionnabae – Boss $h!t


ALONA is a Pittsburgh lo-fi R&B artist whose first album, R.E.D., dropped in late January. R.E.D.'s six tracks sound like they were recorded on an old Motorola RAZR phone that had been left in a puddle for a few hours. Grainy washes of melody bleed into faded percussion and disintegrated samples while ALONA murmurs and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – ALONA – DANCE SLOW