Daily Yinz – Gabriella Salvucci – October

Last month, up-and-comer Gabriella Salvucci released her self-titled debut EP on Misra Records. As one could have inferred from listening to its two lead singles, Gabriella Salvucci is filled with close-mic'd guitar strums, rich vocals, and warm pop hooks. "October," my favorite track from the EP, incorporates a light dose of baroque, featuring sighing background … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Gabriella Salvucci – October

Daily Yinz – LYNXX – Initiation

Experimental synth composer Christian Kriegeskotte recently released The Magi, a mystical multimedia collaboration with visual artist Joel Heires, under his LYNXX moniker. The duo's creative process was symbiotic; Heires would create a painting in response to a LYNXX composition, and then LYNXX would translate another Heires painting into sound, the two mediums playing off each … Continue reading Daily Yinz – LYNXX – Initiation

Daily Yinz – Brandon Dunlap – Wither Vine

Sciencevision's Brandon Dunlap recorded E.S.R. while isolated in an empty house in West Hartford, CT, sampling the sounds of doorknobs, floorboards, and running water to create a rickety, psychedelic atmosphere. The music on E.S.R. is both stripped-down and wildly inventive, its ramshackle acoustic strums nestled in beds of ambient drones, haunted vocal loops, and clattering … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Brandon Dunlap – Wither Vine

Announcing “Why Do I Love This?” Interview Series

Images created by Prince 24hrs Bored In Pittsburgh is excited to announce an upcoming interview series called "Why Do I Love This?", conceived of, created, and written by a mysterious local figure who goes by the moniker Prince 24hrs. Prince 24hrs will be speaking with Pittsburgh-area musicians about their "guilty pleasures"--songs with traits that would … Continue reading Announcing “Why Do I Love This?” Interview Series

Daily Yinz – Hardo – Ball & Chill

Pittsburgh rapper Hardo, assisted by producer STONEY, has crafted a summery ode to the finer things in life. Hardo's three-step recipe for contentment is easy to remember (especially when delivered in the form of a catchy hook): BallChillStay away from police On "Ball & Chill," the rapper sticks to this game plan in spite of … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Hardo – Ball & Chill

Daily Yinz – Livefromthecity – Back to Church

Pittsburgh rapper Livefromthecity dedicated his latest release, a three-song project called Party Favors, to the life of Breonna Taylor. Opener "Back to Church," a bracing gut check of a track that rides atop a windswept, Spaghetti Western instrumental, decries the destruction wrought by the hydra-headed menace of gun violence ("Man down on Sherman/Man down on … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Livefromthecity – Back to Church

Replace Police With Crisis Assistance Teams

The violent and reactionary police response to recent protests--during which the boys in blue have acted as counter-protestors rather than neutral arbiters--has proved the point that black people have been making all along: cops are not cut out for this shit. It's not just a few "bad apples"; when two members of the Buffalo Police … Continue reading Replace Police With Crisis Assistance Teams

Support Black Pittsburgh Artists


Bandcamp will be waiving its revenue share this Friday, July 3rd. Support black artists from the Pittsburgh area: The Childlike Empress Brittney Chantele Livefromthecity Saani Mac Jordan Montgomery INEZ Clara Kent Bilal Abbey Pharaoh Lum PK Delay jGGZ Patel Andrew Muse Madame Dolores The Universe Online Leila Rhodes Feralcat Think Good Audio Sierra Sellers Kai … Continue reading Support Black Pittsburgh Artists

White People, Do Something

1. If you're angrier about destruction of property (which is most likely insured anyway) than you are about the destruction of actual people's lives, reexamine your priorities. 2. If you're pushing "All lives matter" as a response to black people's concerns about racism and police brutally, you don't actually think that all lives matter, because … Continue reading White People, Do Something