Daily Yinz – Flower Crown – The Billy

The dream-poppers of Flower Crown recently released “The Billy” in advance of their album Heat, due out September 24th on Crafted Sounds.

The single is a buoyant power-pop anthem that uses chiming, major-key guitars, resonant drums, misty synths, and stacked layers of vocal harmonies to convey a sense of blissed-out optimism; Mojave 3 would be proud. Both the lyrics (“The past won’t be the traveled path/Now I know we’ll be alright […] Honeybee, be sweet to me/And I’m yours til the end”) and the wordless aaaaaahhhhs that punctuate certain passages match the music’s joyous swell. The song is like a massive beanbag chair made of fluffy cotton candy, just waiting to envelop your ears in colorful warmth.

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