Daily Yinz – Gabriella Salvucci – October

Last month, up-and-comer Gabriella Salvucci released her self-titled debut EP on Misra Records.

As one could have inferred from listening to its two lead singles, Gabriella Salvucci is filled with close-mic’d guitar strums, rich vocals, and warm pop hooks. “October,” my favorite track from the EP, incorporates a light dose of baroque, featuring sighing background harmonies (haven’t heard “aaahhh”s like that since Grizzly Bear soundtracked every trailer, commercial, and sitcom in 2009) that support steady acoustic chords and wistful, autumnal vocals. Salvucci is haunted by the apparition of someone she used to know; she spots them creaking open a door in the early morning before an eye rub wipes them away, and hears their whispers echo around an empty house. The line, “When I’m in this afternoon/ I hear your shrill laugh as the piano starts to play,” is accompanied by faint cackling and discordant jumbles of black and white keys, audibly conjuring the ghost that has been causing goosebumps to break out on Salvucci’s arms. “October” is a compelling and emotional listen that transcends the traditional coffee shop, singer/songwriter paradigm.

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