Daily Yinz – LYNXX – Initiation

Experimental synth composer Christian Kriegeskotte recently released The Magi, a mystical multimedia collaboration with visual artist Joel Heires, under his LYNXX moniker.

The duo’s creative process was symbiotic; Heires would create a painting in response to a LYNXX composition, and then LYNXX would translate another Heires painting into sound, the two mediums playing off each other to create a cohesive tonal experience. Each of The Magi‘s seven tracks is accompanied by its own artwork, and the two should be experienced together. “Initiation” is, fittingly, The Magi‘s introductory piece; pensive synth plucks, steady maracas, ethereal chimes, and menacing drones provide an evocative soundtrack for an image of three beaked skeleton creatures, red wax dripping out of their eye sockets from burning candles shoved into their skulls, looming over an open treasure chest, the background consumed by fire. The figures, and their corresponding music, beckon the viewer/listener into the strange world of The Magi. Check out the full album for more spooky goodness.

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