Announcing “Why Do I Love This?” Interview Series

Images created by Prince 24hrs

Bored In Pittsburgh is excited to announce an upcoming interview series called “Why Do I Love This?”, conceived of, created, and written by a mysterious local figure who goes by the moniker Prince 24hrs.

Prince 24hrs will be speaking with Pittsburgh-area musicians about their “guilty pleasures”–songs with traits that would usually cause them to recoil in horror, but, for some odd reason, they can’t get enough of. Taste is a fickle thing, and it can be hard to pinpoint why we like what we like, but Prince 24hrs is ready to dive right in.

If you are an area musician who is interested in being interviewed for this endeavor, please send an email stating so to with the subject line “Why Do I Love This.”

Thanks as always for reading, and we hope you enjoy.


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