Stare At Your Shoes-Echo Lake-Waves

Echo Lake is a four-piece indie outfit from London, active since 2010. "Waves" from the band's 2015 album Era, charges forward for six and a half minutes on the strength of brawny guitar and driving drums. Thom Hill's production flourishes include organ-like synth tones and dissonant walls of sound that come crashing through like a … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Echo Lake-Waves

Daily Discovery-Ego Ella May-Tea & Sympathy

Ego Ella May is a South London neo-soul singer and songwriter whose album So Far is due for release this September on Tru Thoughts Records. "Tea & Sympathy" is the first single released from So Far, and it perfectly showcases May's slinky, spacey sound. The track, produced by fellow Londoners Wu-Lu and Budgie, opens with … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Ego Ella May-Tea & Sympathy

Daily Yinz-Working Breed-Cicada

Working Breed are a Pittsburgh rock group whose proggy musical flourishes and niche lyrical conceits lend their music an experimental flavor. Working Breed's new release Hieroglyphica is a loose concept album named after a species of cicada, the latest in a historical line of artistic pursuits (including Hesiodic poetry, ancient Chinese artwork, and Argentinian protest … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Working Breed-Cicada

Daily Discovery-They Hate Change-Giancarlo

They Hate Change are a Florida-based production duo whose chaotic compositions offer a lively, experimental take on the hip-hop sound. "Giancarlo" is the first single released from They Hate Change's upcoming EP Juices Run Clear (Deathbomb Arc). The track begins with a mumbled "1, 2, 3" count-in overtop watery synths and the clattering suggestion of … Continue reading Daily Discovery-They Hate Change-Giancarlo

Stare At Your Shoes-The Stargazer Lilies-Golden Key

The Stargazer Lilies are a Pennsylvania shoegaze duo comprising Kim Field and John Ceparano, both formerly of the band Soundpool. Their 2016 album Door To The Sun is opened by "Golden Key" (pun semi-intended), a languid, drifting ballad featuring two layers of guitar, one earthily acoustic and the other plied with enough effects to make … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-The Stargazer Lilies-Golden Key

Daily Yinz-Pat Coyle-The Machine

Pat Coyle is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter who makes introspective guitar ballads tinged with a subtle electronic sheen, the organic and digital joining forces to support a truly arresting voice. "The Machine," the first track on Coyle's newly released Iridescent Cues, opens with swirls of reversed synth and ghostly melodic whispers underpinned by a beat that … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Pat Coyle-The Machine