Daily Discovery-Eggs on Mars-Porch Tune

Eggs on Mars are a Kansas City, MO trio whose music combines the unadorned instrumentation of classic garage rock with the catchy, wistful melodies of modern indie. “Porch Tune,” the first single from the band’s upcoming album It Will Be Like It Was (Jigsaw Records) is being premiered tonight on Bored In Pittsburgh.

“Porch Tune” is a jangly little number that carries with it a sense of autumnal melancholy, largely due to frontman Brad Smith’s hushed, low-register delivery, which contrasts nicely with the song’s trebly guitar chords and fills. His lyrics further color the proceedings with the golden hue of late summer, as he sings about a vague Something that was “once green” and “once bright, but now fading.” Smith ratchets up the intensity a bit during the song’s climax, during which he pleads with an unnamed someone to “Please stop me from saying any more.” Drummer Mason Potter and bassist Justin Longmeyer are right there with him as the song surges and tugs at its subdued bonds, managing to stay delicate even in a more agitated state. “Porch Tune” is instantly likable in the same way as any highlight from The Shins’ catalogue, and you may find yourself humming it to yourself hours after listening.

Side note: Gotta draw attention to Eggs on Mars’ whimsical, geometric album art (done by Julie Smith, I believe) for both It Will Be Like It Was and for 2018’s Mama Pancake, because it seems to be inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky, my favorite painter.

Abstract expressionist art references aside, make sure to check out more from Eggs On Mars and from Jigsaw Records (who also release music by Seattle’s excellent Flying Fish Cove), and do the social media thing for both band and label.

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