Track Premiere – Gentleman Brawlers – The Bullet

Gentleman Brawlers are an electrifying Brooklyn group whose music draws from soul, psych, afrobeat, and electronic styles. The band's new single, "The Bullet" premieres today on Bored In Pittsburgh. "The Bullet" contains the same frenetic sense of energy as the rest of the Brawlers' music, wrapping itself tightly around a jittery, concentric guitar pattern and … Continue reading Track Premiere – Gentleman Brawlers – The Bullet


Daily Discovery-Eggs on Mars-Porch Tune

Eggs on Mars are a Kansas City, MO trio whose music combines the unadorned instrumentation of classic garage rock with the catchy, wistful melodies of modern indie. "Porch Tune," the first single from the band's upcoming album It Will Be Like It Was (Jigsaw Records) is being premiered tonight on Bored In Pittsburgh. "Porch Tune" … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Eggs on Mars-Porch Tune