Daily Discovery-Flying Fish Cove-En Garde

Today’s find is “En Garde,” the titular track from the new EP (out on Lost Sound Tapes and Jigsaw Records) by Seattle, WA indie pop outfit Flying Fish Cove. A gentle, wistful number, it’s given an almost cinematic bent by the inclusion of violin-like synths trembling in the background behind jangling guitar and steady drums. Frontwoman Dena Zilber’s sleepy vocals are the perfect vehicle to deliver vivid, dreamlike lyrics that mention hearts of steel, bright desert lizards, Scottish laughs, and a witch’s tussled hair. The lyrical intricacy of the verses is offset by a simple, straightforward chorus: “I would start over today if you asked me.” The final few times through that refrain, Zilber adds a gentle, overdubbed harmony that is hauntingly beautiful in its subtlety. “En Garde” feels like it should be playing over the end credits of a magical realist movie featuring two characters that fall in love with each other after one of them washes up on the shore of the other’s cove (maybe Flying Fish Cove!) and they proceed to astral project through space in time, until the one has to return, in bittersweet fashion, to the sea from whence they came. Or something. Check out the song if you like dreamy indie pop music, or just music in general.

Check out other stuff from Flying Fish Cove: https://flyingfishcove.bandcamp.com/

Check out Lost Sound Tapes: https://lostsoundtapes.bandcamp.com/

Check out Jigsaw Records: https://jigsawrecords.bandcamp.com/

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