Rock ‘n’ Roll Mom – A Q+A With Prodigal Yinzer Lindsay Dragan

Photo by Marie Mashyna Lindsay Dragan is a self-described "garage folk" artist whose music, performed either solo or with her band, walks the line between yearning intimacy and rousing, open-road abandon. Her path has taken her from Pittsburgh to Arizona to New York and back home again. She was kind enough to answer some questions … Continue reading Rock ‘n’ Roll Mom – A Q+A With Prodigal Yinzer Lindsay Dragan


Daily Yinz – Dumplings – Big Big Bad

Dumplings are a Pittsburgh rock trio whose music channels the unbound joy of creating loud sounds in a garage, basement, bedroom, or what have you. Dumplings's latest EP, 3, opens with"Big Big Bad," a true working person's blues lament if I've ever heard one. Bassist Pam Dowling handles lead vocals on this one; backed by … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Dumplings – Big Big Bad

Daily Yinz – Murder For Girls – Honeycomb

Murder For Girls are a garagey, punky Pittsburgh ensemble whose latest album, Done In The Dark, is set to drop in May. The album's first single, "Honeycomb," scales back the guitar crunch of MFG's 2017 release, All The Pretty Stars, in favor of a cleaner, more surf-influenced sound. A brisk bass line underpins layers of … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Murder For Girls – Honeycomb

Daily Yinz – Rave Ami – Nausea Ad Nauseam

Rave Ami is a beloved Pittsburgh rock group that celebrated its 10th anniversary this past weekend. Just in time for their decade-versary, the Rave boys released the single "Nausea Ad Nauseam," which sees them trade their usual garage grit for baroque elegance. The moment the track begins with a mellifluous "Hmmm-mmm," and you hear an … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Rave Ami – Nausea Ad Nauseam

Daily Discovery-Eggs on Mars-Porch Tune

Eggs on Mars are a Kansas City, MO trio whose music combines the unadorned instrumentation of classic garage rock with the catchy, wistful melodies of modern indie. "Porch Tune," the first single from the band's upcoming album It Will Be Like It Was (Jigsaw Records) is being premiered tonight on Bored In Pittsburgh. "Porch Tune" … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Eggs on Mars-Porch Tune

Daily Discovery-Trampoline Team-Kill You On The Streetcar

Trampoline Team is a New Orleans, LA trio that specializes in gritty bursts of punk fury, straight out of the garage. New Orleans is home to the St. Charles Streetcar line, the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world. And it sounds like Trampoline Team wants to kill you on it. The bluntly titled … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Trampoline Team-Kill You On The Streetcar

Daily Discovery-Hex Friends-Wish Him Well

"Wish Him Well" is a song from the new album Deja Vu by Norwich, UK rockers Hex Friends. The track has a pared-down, homemade feel but contains a strong hook delivered by bassist and singer Josie Steward; I already have the song hopelessly stuck in my head after 3.5 listens. The wooly drum sound, buzzsaw … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Hex Friends-Wish Him Well