Daily Yinz – Luwi – Bend & Bruise

Luwi trades in a mournfully melodic brand of spacious, wavy hip-hop, sometimes eschewing the genre altogether. Luwi's latest single, "Bend & Bruise" (produced by Julio), takes things in a particularly analgesic direction, its slow, curling beats, weeping strings, disorientingly reversed tones, and cavernous reverb combining to create a palpably hypnotic atmosphere, like a depression blanket … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Luwi – Bend & Bruise

Daily Yinz – KELS – No Lie.

KELS's, latest single, "No Lie.," is a love song that would sound at home in any decade. KELS has one of those timeless voices, the kind of pipes you associate with a Winehouse or a Duffy. "No Lie." has the vibe to match; it's a gentle ballad that mixes touches of R&B, jazz, and traditional … Continue reading Daily Yinz – KELS – No Lie.

Daily Yinz – S!MONE – Jealous

Simone Joy Jones (aka S!MONE) is a Pittsburgh-based artist whose debut EP, Divine Mistakes, contains seven lush, multilayered R&B tracks. "Jealous," the EP's most propulsive cut, rides a rhythmic backbone that splits the difference between trap and reggaeton, with rapid-fire cymbal hits fluttering over a tresillo base. Glistening, jazz-tinged guitars drip from all directions, creating … Continue reading Daily Yinz – S!MONE – Jealous

Daily Yinz – Alysm – What’s The Purpose? (ft. Faaathom)

Alysm creates brooding indie-pop using retro synth ingredients; his latest single, featuring rapper Faaathom, came out in March on Supercomputer Records. Don't let "What's The Purpose?"s jaunty backbeat, funky guitars, and whistling synths fool you; this one is meant for a dance floor enveloped in the miasma of depression, where people bob straight-faced heads and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Alysm – What’s The Purpose? (ft. Faaathom)

Daily Yinz – Men’s Apparel – When The Night Wanes

Nick Korzi's Men's Apparel project specializes in sleek, sophisticated indie-pop. The music found on Men's Apparel I features crisp rhythms, spaced-out guitars, candlelit strings, and suavely delivered lyrics; think Arctic Monkeys's Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino if it were set in the Rust Belt instead of on the Moon. "When The Night Wanes," a languid, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Men’s Apparel – When The Night Wanes

Daily Yinz – Sara Renberg – Mixtape

Sara Renberg returns with Butch Spring (Antiquated Future Records), her third collection of subtle, lyrically sharp indie-pop. "Mixtape" begins with a sighting of a former significant other through a yoga studio window; a bead of sweat trickling down this person's face does to Renberg what a madeleine did to Proust's Narrator, sending her into a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sara Renberg – Mixtape

Daily Yinz – SAMURAE – Cotton Candy Clouds

SAMURAE is an R&B artist who complements a powerful singing voice with dreamy arrangements. SAMURAE's latest single, "Cotton Candy Clouds," saunters and sashays like something out of 1950s Hollywood; call it Sunset Strip District. Tasteful lounge piano and echoing finger snaps back SAMURAE as she remembers one sweet night spent downtown with a significant other. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – SAMURAE – Cotton Candy Clouds

Ron Mist – Floor Have Mercy

Support the Mr. Roboto Project and The Alignment Chapter by purchasing “Floor Have Mercy,” the funky second single from emo-folkie-turned-DJ Ron Mist, whose primary musical goal is to get people moving without self-consciousness or fear. As it's put on the song, "Dancing is a mercy on human beings bound by necessity," so let Mist and their cast of guest … Continue reading Ron Mist – Floor Have Mercy

Daily Yinz – Princess Nostalgia – Ugly Lovely

Futuristic pop producer/songwriter/singer Princess Nostalgia returns with the effervescent "Ugly Lovely." An ode to the duality inherent in all people-- be it the devil/angel, yin/yang, or Shakti/Shiva archetype--"Ugly Lovely" celebrates both the darkness and the light, acknowledging that, in the end, "It's only me/Division makes for chemistry/Endlessly." The song starts off with a few passages … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Princess Nostalgia – Ugly Lovely

Daily Yinz – Calyx – Americana Get A Break

Calyx are a trio that specializes in whirling pop-punk paroxysms; they released their full length debut, Stay Gone, this week. Ever since I saw Calyx blow through a set at The Childlike Empress's Take Care Of Yourself release show at Babyland a few years back, I've been hoping for a full album's worth of the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Calyx – Americana Get A Break