Daily Yinz – Robin Grayson – Hold You Down

Robin Grayson is a Pittsburgh R&B artist who recently released her debut EP, Hold You Down. The EP's title track is a warm, yearning ballad that showcases Grayson's melismatic singing style, full of multi-syllabic runs, notes that slide easily up and down the musical scale, and a few sublime falsettos for good measure. Grayson promises … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Robin Grayson – Hold You Down

Daily Yinz – TV’s NORM – Your Own Goddamn Planet

TV's NORM are a Pittsburgh rock outfit that combine crunchy pop hooks with sardonic lyrics. A few notable Norms have graced our television sets over the years, from The Norm Show's Norm to Cheers's Norm (these are the only two I can think of, actually). "TV's NORM" could be referring to either or none of … Continue reading Daily Yinz – TV’s NORM – Your Own Goddamn Planet

Daily Yinz – Joziah Council – One Thing

Pittsburgh R&B artist Joziah Council drops a self-directed music video for "One Thing," a lush slow jam released in September. Council's vocal style, smooth as a glass of aged whiskey, recalls that of trap'n'b crooners like Bryson Tiller and Partynextdoor. Where the former specializes in I'm-Salty-At-My-Ex torch serenades and the latter in louche come-ons, though, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Joziah Council – One Thing

Daily Yinz – Sommelier – My Hypocrisy

Eccentric Pittsburgh indie-poppers Sommelier join forces with Andrew Muse, another theatrical area artist, for a remix of their song, "My Hypocrisy." The original "quarantine version" of the track, released in late July, is a cryptic ballad that places vocalist J Trafford's swooning vocals over a bed of windswept synths; think The Blue Nile fronted by … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sommelier – My Hypocrisy

Daily Yinz – The Universe Online – Sindiana

The ever-glitchy Pittsburgh artist The Universe Online returns with the incredibly named Full metal jagoff. It's Friday! A day that, to many, used to signify fun, human interaction, and a coming break from the drudgery of commuting. I've found that social distancing has warped the concept of Friday until it signifies nothing but the weekly … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Universe Online – Sindiana

Daily Yinz – Kelsey – Middle School

Kelsey (the mononym of Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Kelsey Hillock) released her second single, "Middle School," in June. "Middle School" was born on the back of a crowded boat in the Philippines, inspired by a Shanghai-based crush that sent Kelsey reeling back to the days of notes passed in class and handholding by the water fountain. What … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Kelsey – Middle School

Daily Yinz – Bishop Ivy – In Spring

Bishop Ivy is a Pittsburgh-based artist who blankets sleek pop compositions in lush, ambient production. The word "if" is one of the English language's most painful, its two letters conjuring all sorts of alternate universes, most of them better than the one we inhabit. Bishop Ivy begins "In Spring," the highlight from his May EP, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Bishop Ivy – In Spring

Daily Yinz – Merce Lemon – Those Eyes

Merce Lemon, a Pittsburgh artist who specializes in warm, homespun balladry, is slated to release her latest album, Moonth (Crafted Sounds/Darling Recordings), in mid-August. "Those Eyes," one of the album's first singles, sounds like Soccer Mommy by way of Steve Belfer's "Seaweed" theme from Spongebob. Bluesy acoustic guitar, tinged with old saloon smoke, introduces a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Merce Lemon – Those Eyes

Daily Yinz – Ky Vöss – Masochism

Ky Vöss, a Pittsburgh artist who makes dream pop music for the damned, returns with "Masochism," the first single from the upcoming Coping Mechanisms. "Masochism" is a streamlined arrow of a song, engineered to barrel ever forward through the banks of luminous synth that surround it, an electrified bullet train made of pure pop. Vöss, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Ky Vöss – Masochism